COVID-19 has changed the way that business is conducted. No more are employees interacting with each other face to face, and maybe even day to day. Being isolated in homes can create a disconnect from the working environment. This has made it more difficult for employers to show their appreciation for their employees, and recognition to their hard work during the pandemic. But it is still possible, and easy to send a gesture to your employee that they are valued.

Here are five simple ways for employers and corporations to show their employees some love and gratitude: 

Buy Them Lunch

Remote workers have their hands full. Working from home is already a lot, but they may also be teaching and watching their children, or acting as caretakers. Taking the time to cook lunch is another worry, and spending the money on taking out is another stress. In addition, small and local businesses have been suffering. Do a little bit of research in the area of where your employees live, and order some lunch from a local restaurant that delivers via GrubHub, UberEats, or whatever delivery service. Your employee will feel the gesture, and will be relieved at that stress taken away, and you’ll also be helping out a local business.

Send Them a Gift Box

If you want to make it a little bit more personal, consider sending them a gift box. They’ll get several gifts out of it, and a beautifully presented box is always exciting to open. There are a plethora of gift box options out there, ranging from food-themed boxes, artisanal boxes, office boxes, or more fun ones. Bestowe Gifting will often select items that are local to specific areas.

Give Your Employee a Gift Card to a Local Business

Again, your business will help support independently owned business by sending a local gift card to your employee. It’s a personal touch, as opposed to simply giving your employee a bonus. Again, do a little digging to local businesses in the area for your employees, and it may be possible to purchase the gift card through an automated platform, so that you don’t have to worry about sending them out.

Host a Virtual Party or Celebration

Just because you aren’t in the office, doesn’t mean it’s okay for a birthday, or work anniversary or any other milestone or achievement to go un-celebrated. Host a virtual party on Zoom or Skype, even surprising the employee with it on the day of, or send them a gift or a cake in recognition. 

Be More Personal

Work life and personal life have merged together like never before. In a video meeting, the appearances of children, a spouse, or even a dog or cat can happen at any moment. Not to mention, we are now seeing the inside of employees’ houses. Because of that, bridge the gap. Start inquiring about what your employee has been up to, outside of work. Ask the name of their pet, how their child is doing, or what plans are for the evening. It shows you really care and recognize that work is now different.