When the mind is full of clutter; its difficult to function well in both Personal and Professional Life. It’s best to get your mind decluttered from time to time. Sometimes it’s overwhelming to have work-life balance. Exhibited here; 5 easy and practical ways to declutter your mind. 

1. Declutter your physical space  

Who can feel relaxed when you see untidy and messy area? 

Clean and organized space makes one feel energized. Hence it leads to focus on Creativity and Productivity. Regarding, cleaning up the space; start with small steps. Clean out the space-step-by-step. Separate out the days for cleaning out one section per session. When you declutter the physical space there’s a kind of mental- relief allowing you to create room for creativity.

2. Prioritize your goals 

Prioritize your goals on the basis of importance and urgency. In addition, make scope for the emergency to-do list. In this way, you won’t feel guilty in not meeting the goals while getting the emergency list done. Before prioritizing your goals; try to section it out into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. Make the everyday goals-attainable and realistic. So, that you won’t feel overwhelmed to complete it. 

3. Do the writing

Writing is the best therapy which helps to express all your feelings and emotions. Some situations and emotions might not be comfortable in sharing with others. Thus, writing your heart out could help you to feel good and less-cluttered mind. Furthermore, writing your goals is one of the best preferences which will make you focused and less-stressed. For me, I had tried different digital apps and platforms, but I always end up being writing on my notebook. So, try out which works best for you, for me it’s obviously notebook. 

4. Big No to Multi-tasking

In this fast-moving world; it’s really difficult to adjust with the speed. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly we get caught up with multi-tasking. Some jobs, such as-freelancing or the one  that wear several hats-requires multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is huge No-No as it ultimate results reduced efficiency. So, if you have multiple functions to complete; then divide the tasks into several steps. And do one thing at a time. Perform  new function only after completion of previous task.

5. Don’t be hard on yourself

We all work hard to be better version of ourselves. Sometimes we become over ambitious and forget to love ourselves. The main purpose of everyone’s life is to be happy. But we sub-consciously be hard on ourselves. We don’t care about our health and end up having stressful life. In your busy schedule, you can have at least ‘Me’ hour for yourself. Meditate, go for walk, make healthy meal, work-out or pamper yourself. It will help you to recharge and free your mind from clutter. Additionally,  it will help you to create mental space  so as to  grow and keep moving in everything you do.