Boost your health, happiness and mojo with some actionable microsteps.

Many of my clients have been telling me that their motivation for most things has waned during this season.

Confession time – so, has mine!  (Yes, health professionals are human!)

I loved exercising and the gym. The buzz, the energy, the endorphins. It wasn’t a chore.  It was a choice.   I started this season strong – Les Mills app, online HIIT classes, yoga, running I was doing them all! I was probably one of those people who was a bit nauseating.  But it was all at home on my own.  Roll on a few weeks, everything started to become vanilla.  Other than walking which I’ve loved,  all other exercise started to tale off and the inner baker and chef emerged. I didn’t follow my own advice and put my jeans on every week. 

The balance of energy in and energy out was weighted on the energy in side. Most of it was actually healthy food, just a little more than usual and the indulgences started to become a bit more regular. Maybe you can relate?

As the weeks have rolled on, I realised my mental toughness was disappearing.  I wasn’t completing anything.  I’d become a dabbler.  I wasn’t committing to much and there was no urgency for anything.

I knew something needed to change and it had to begin in my mind!  I discovered the Asics RunKeeper app and loved the coach talking to me!   (I’m not affiliated/ recommending this product just sharing my story).  I wanted to work on my mental toughness and commitment, and getting fit again was the by-product.  I’d forgotten so do some of the things I was coaching others to do.

These are some of the lessons I relearned.  Nothing below is rocket science but maybe it resonates and helps you move forward if you’ve become stuck.

1.            Set a clear goal:   I wanted to work on my mental toughness and made a commitment for the runs. Tip: keep it simple.

2.            Basics are important.  Tip: you need to build from a solid foundation.  Doing the small things consistently, yields big returns.

3.            Less is more:  Even though my runs were initially shorter and slower, a shorter, slower run is better than none at all.  I decided I would run three times a week and have actually been running 4-5-times week consistently for the last 5 weeks.  #overachiever.  Tip: set a goal that is achievable so you start winning early, and then adjust as go.

4.            Show up. I showed up and kept showing up even when I didn’t feel like it.  Tip: recognise your feelings but remind yourself of your commitments.

5.            Set a mantra – when you want to give up, repeat it to yourself.   Mine was “I am strong. Be strong.” andYou can do this, yes you can!(those were the magic words, in case you were still wondering)

6.            30 min in a day for ME time is do-able and really sets up my day.  Tip: self-care is not selfish

7.            Stay in your lane.  I only focussed on the run/ sprint, not what happened before or what was going to come – or on anyone else around me.  Tip: comparison, procrastination, analysis paralysis keeps you stuck

8.            Set a playlist and have fun

9.           Mindset matters. Your mind will stop you before your body will.  Tip: be intentional with your words

10.          Think and behave like the person you want to be. Tip: keep asking yuorself, waht would [insert name] do?

Food, exercise, mindset are interlinked.  And this season has challenged most of us on every level.   It’s never to late to draw a line in the sand and start again, even if it feels like you’re taking baby steps.

How do you wish to finish this season?

Only you know what will work best for you.

But find some accountibility and and have some fun.

Let’s finish strong!

You can do this, yes you can!


  • Tracy Kelly

    Consultant/ Dietitian. Wellbeing Strategist. Dot Connector. Professional Smiler

    Tracy has a massive belief in people and possibilities and loves seeing them succeed professionally and personally.  She is passionate about great things done well and is committed to helping others build WELLthy lives.  She always has time to talk health, wellbeing, neuroscience, humaning better, techforgood