Flabby ars workout

We’ve all been there. You’re playing Bingo with your friends, you get the coveted full row, you jump out of your seat, your arms flying in the air and yell “Bingo!” But the excitement dies quickly when your arms are still jiggling long after you take your seat. 

Smart alecs call these “Bingo wings”. Terrible, I know. We’ll show them!

I’ve written an easy-to-follow exercise routine that will motivate you to keep going once you start seeing results. 

First and Foremost

What causes flabby arms anyway? 

Firstly, as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby, plus the fat accumulation that occurs naturally as the years go by. It’s natural and mostly unavoidable however, we can tone and tighten arms following a simple weight loss and exercise plan. 

By following these exercises, you can tone flabby arms in as little as four weeks or so. Here are eight exercises to deal with flabby arms and raise your spirits all at once.

1. Push-Ups

Push ups

This is a fairly common one that works the triceps as well as the chest. Place your hands palm down on the floor, shoulder-width apart and keep your feet together. You’ll want to lower yourself until you’re just about to touch the floor, inhaling as you do. Exhale on the push up to the first position. Steady, repeat, about ten times or so.

2. Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep kickbacks

It’s advised to have some light dumbbells for this one. One-liter water bottles work as a good replacement. Holding one in each hand, bend your knees slightly while standing and bend forward a bit. Keep your head up and your arms close to your sides. Keep your shoulders locked as your arm is extended back, focusing on the tricep contractions. Hold for two seconds and lower back to the starting position, taking care to avoid swinging. Repeat.

3. Tricep Extensions

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Holding a weight in both hands, keep the weight behind your hand with palms facing the ceiling. Keep your upper arms close to your head with your elbows near your eyes. Lower your upper arms until the weight reaches your upper back. Your elbows should stay locked in place. Using your triceps, raise the weight up.

4. Bent-Over Row

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart as before, and keeping your palms down, grab a weight. Bend forward just a bit with your knees bent and your back straight. You want to keep your head pointed up for this one. Keep your elbows tucked in close to your body. Breathing out, pull the weight close toward your chest, just beneath your ribs. Inhale as you lower the bar back to the starting position and repeat.

5. One-Arm Side Push Up

This is a somewhat simpler alternative to a classic push up. This one is geared specifically for triceps to help rid one of unwanted flabbiness. Here, you lie on your side with your knees gently bent. Keep your left arm on your right shoulder (or vice versa depending on which side you’re on) and push your torso up with your other arm, making sure that your palm is facing up. When you’re ready, just switch to the other side and repeat.

6. Get-Up Plank

This one is not only fun but works great at building your back and shoulder muscles. Start in a plank position, holding one leg over the other with bended knees. Hold a manageable dumbbell or kettlebell in your right hand, keeping the right elbow bent.

Next, lift the hips so your body is in line with the shoulders and knees. You’ll then extend the weights up to celling before slowly lowering it back. Though this may seem strenuous, it keeps your mind focus.

7. The Windmill

This is a fun one, and extremely effective at your goal of trimming down those triceps. This also helps build the muscles in the neck and shoulders as well. Firstly, raise your arms in front of you about shoulder-width, keeping them parallel to the ground. Next, raise your arms and rotate them in a steady circle backward and down, then back up and front again in a 360 motion. The result looks like a windmill, hence the name. Repeat this about twenty times in both directions and then stop.

8. The Prayer Pose

Joining your hands activates the triceps most specifically, and moving them down engages the biceps. To do this one, join your hands in a prayer position above your head. Bring your palms, still locked, down to your chest. Raise them up again steadily and repeat this about thirty times or so. You should feel this one through both your biceps and your triceps.

Not Only Exercise. Diet Plays A Big Part

We are what we eat. 

It’s crucial to fuel our body with the right type of food and not overeating. To lose weight, we must be in a calorie deficit. 

What does calorie deficit mean?

Burning more calories than we eat. That’s the secret formula. Nutrient dense food that will nourish, energise and lift your spirit. At the same time. Burning fat throughout the entire body, including arm fat!

Getting rid of flabby arms doesn’t need to be difficult. Any one of these exercises and dietary recommendations can be done. Planning and preparation will ultimately allow you to achieve the outcome.

And if you keep at it, you’re sure to see the results you’re wanting within four weeks.