Colin Yurcisin has definitely faced massive adversity in his life and career. He is truly someone who has turned their hardships into a successful life.

Nobody likes dealing with their credit, and that’s because not many people fully understand it. It’s also very difficult to know where to turn for good advice. That’s what made 23-year-old Colin Yurcisin quit his job to become a credit consultant.

Most entrepreneurs start their business because they want to help people or bring something into the marketplace that wasn’t offered before. Colin saw that there was a large number of people who want credit advice but don’t know who to turn to for it.

Colin was a district sales manager working a very unfulfilling job just a few years ago, but he quit and started helping people with their finances.

He likes to start with getting anything negative off his client’s reports, and help them build their score to around 700. From there he helps them get personal or business loans to help them fulfill their dreams. He even gives investment advice and teaches them general good financial practices to help keep their credit scores high.

Colin has learned the ins and outs of the credit industry through firsthand experience. He has been a victim of a credit repair scam. That’s partially what made him become a credit consultant to begin with. He doesn’t want anyone to be taken advantage of.

He’s not only a credit expert but he’s a master travel hacker as well. Colin can teach you how to utilize your credit rewards to make going on vacation much cheaper. Massive discounts on travel, lodging, and transportation are easy to attain if you manage your credit properly.

Colin grew his own credit to 760 in about a year and a half. His mix is currently approaching 20 accounts and he keeps all his balances under 3% utilization. He has all the top credit cards and knows exactly how to take advantage of the perks of each one.

He is truly passionate about helping people with their finances and he believes that everyone should be learning about credit at an early age. His goal is to produce a course that will be available for any high school student who wants to have access to it. He wants to change the way young people are educated about money and financial planning.

His desire to help people has fueled him to learn everything he possibly can about the credit industry. He has helped clients move into dream house, start multiple businesses, and attain loans they never thought were possible.

Colin Yurcisin is just getting started and sees himself traveling the world teaching people how to handle their money be more financially free.