Many entrepreneurs especially the ones documenting their experiences on podcasts, books, and the internet have expressed the hardships and trials in their lives that ultimately led to their success. There are countless stories on millionaires and billionaires on the Forbes list who were either broke or had extreme negative life situations arise in their lives. Many of them speak on how these life struggles were “breaking points” for them to turn their situations around into something positive. Today, we are featuring the prime example of this outcome with a young millennial real estate entrepreneur from New Orleans, Louisiana, Jordin Roussell. A newly titled Amazon Best Selling author for his book “Flip Your Life”, Jordin Roussell, 23, knows all too well about taking extreme negative life scenarios and flipping them into a massive success. 

Jordin writes extensively in his easy-to-read book,  “Flip Your Life”, about life battles he fought along the way throughout his short journey as an entrepreneur. Today, Jordin owns and operates a real estate investment company that wholesales, flips, buys, and sells houses in the New Orleans metro area. Jordin is only 23 years old and started his journey in real estate a little over 2 years ago and has seen massive success ever since. Prior to starting his company, Jordin was working minimum wage jobs after dropping out of college. Jordin attributes his success to going through several monumental life events including reading the suicide notes of his mother and brother, being heartbroken by his ex-girlfriend of 4 years, struggling with depression, and getting too close to alcohol and drugs. Jordin goes much more in detail in his book. After our editors read his book, we have to highly recommend reading it if you’re someone who has been beaten up by life and need the motivation to turn the negatives around into positives. His book is inspiring, motivational, and can change someone’s life. Though his book focuses very little on real estate, its principles can be applied to anyone in any industry. 

 Today, you can find Jordin running his real estate company in New Orleans helping dozens of families by helping get their distressed homes sold. He also has helped many investors make good returns on their real estate investments. Jordin wrote his book with the desire to inspire millions of people that were in his same shoes. Within the first couple days of releasing his book on Amazon, it became a bestseller pretty quickly. His book included a foreword by renowned digital entrepreneur and life coach, Gallant Dill, who became a millionaire by age 25.  Jordin Roussell also just recently launched a podcast called “The Preeminent”, which you can subscribe to. He also plans to release a course in the next few weeks that will teach average people how to jump into real estate and have a successful career.