Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down for an interview with Judge Graham. Judge has a successful track record of selling massively successful businesses and has been called The Scale and Culture Authority. We talked about hardships, digital marketing, how he got started, and much more.

  • Hey Judge, what is your background? 

Judge: I have an extensive background in digital marketing. After graduating from college at Texas Christian University, I started my 1st company a web design company that failed because I did not have recurring revenue.  After learning from that failure I went on to start my second agency with my business partner, Sq1, which I eventually sold to Ansira for a high 8 figure amount. 

  • How did you start digital marketing?

Judge: When I attended TCU, I studied E-Business in school, and saw online marketing as an industry disruptor. After graduating, I just went for it and started my 1st agency.

  • How important was establishing a niche? 

Judge: I say it all the time, “niche will make you rich.” That will always be something I believe. In my experience, it’s much better to specialize and go deep, than it is to do everything and go wide.

  • What advice would you give someone looking to become an entrepreneur? 

Judge: Focus! Figure out what you want to do, and go deep with it. As training business owners on selling is something I do often, I’d also add that you should position yourself to sell the day you start your business.

  • What are your four core principles?
  1. Smart – The products and services that we create require our people to be curious, strategic and problem CRUSHERS.
  1. Simple – We know that in order for something to reach GREAT status it has to be simple, so we only create products and services that are simple and easy to grasp and use.
  1. Speed – We make decisions and move 10X faster than most companies giving us a HUGE competitive advantage.
  1. Start – No task is ever too daunting for us as we are FEARLESS and take massive action immediately and do not stop until we figure it out.

  • What are your plans moving forward? 

Judge: I want to continue to do my mentorship and coaching. I love teaching people about how to scale their business, and how to really see success with it. Teaching others has become a huge passion of mine for sure.