There are different types of floors: terrazzo, marble, wood, tile… Are they all cleaned in the same way? The quick answer is no since each type of floor has special characteristics that require different cleaning products and techniques. Today we tell you some tips to clean floors and make them look like new.

What Do I Need to Clean the Floor Well?

Normally the common cleaning of floors in the case of houses is carried out with materials such as broom, mop, mop traps dust, and specific cleaning products. But in some cases, such as when cleaning large surfaces such as shopping centers or warehouses, it will be necessary to resort to using machinery such as scrubbers, sweepers, or carpet cleaners. In this way, we will achieve spectacular results in less time.

To carry out this type of specialized work, it is best to trust a team of professionals who know the techniques and the operation of the machinery to carry out the work correctly. At TBCC they have all the tools to perform professional floor cleaning, they perform all kinds of tasks such as vacuuming, washing, janitorial, yard sweeping and many more.

How to Clean A Parquet Floor?

Cleaning parquet flooring is often a cause for concern. It is a very resistant type of flooring as long as proper cleaning and care are used. By following a few simple steps, your parquet or laminate flooring will be as shiny as the first day.

To clean the floor, use a mop, microfiber cloth, or vacuum cleaner. It is better not to use the mop as using too much water could damage it. So that our parquet floor is always shiny, you can use oils and/or products specially indicated for this function. In this way we will prevent the floor from looking dull and dry, on the contrary, the appearance will be shiny.

Steps to Clean Stoneware Floors

If your stoneware floor has stopped shining, it may be because you are not cleaning it correctly. The first thing you should know is if your floor is normal stoneware or porcelain stoneware. The porcelain stoneware floor is also known as porcelain floor, this floor allows you to imitate any material such as stones, marble, or wood. The versatility of designs together with its high quality and resistance make it a highly demanded floor both in homes and commercial premises.

To clean the stoneware floor, you will need a soft mop or mop, as well as specific floor cleaning products. Before cleaning, it is recommended to remove the dust with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Maintaining the stoneware floor is very simple and does not require much maintenance.

To make the stoneware floor shine, use special polishing products for stoneware floors. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the joints if you have them, use a brush and neutral soap to remove the remains and accumulated dirt.

Clean Granite Floor

In the case of granite floors, special care must be taken to stains, if stains from coffee, food, or any product occur, it is important to clean the floor immediately to avoid permanent stains. In the same way, use suitable and non-corrosive cleaning products, otherwise, it could damage the stone and acquire a deteriorated and dull appearance. Taking these aspects into account, the maintenance of the granite floor is very simple and it will be enough to carry out a common cleaning with a broom and mop.

Floor Polishing, How to Do It?

Cleaning floors may not be enough, if you want to get an extra shine to your floor you will have to resort to polishing floors. This process is not necessary to carry out on a daily basis, but it does need to be carried out in a timely manner to keep the floors in perfect condition.

Floor polishing has several parts: stripping, polishing, diamond polishing, and crystallizing. To shine our floor, we will need suitable products. In addition, in many cases, it may be that the floor is so damaged that you have to call on a team of professionals and TBCC is the best business company of cleaning as much I know.