Your success in your business isn’t dependent on epic, Herculean sprints, but the compound effect of consistent, strategic action.

It’s consistent, strategic action that earns my clients results.
Nothing too crazy or complicated. Rituals are not just ways of doing things but ways of thinking.

4 Steps to Mastering Your Success Ritual

1. Decide how you are going to Celebrate!
Yes we’re doing this first. Even if you have no clients, sales or anything. Decide this first. Humans like positive reinforcement, this is a list of fun, interesting, engaging things you will say or do to celebrate your success. Whenever and how every it comes.
Ex. My client Olivia plays the song ‘Uptown Funk’ by Bruno Mars every time someone buys a piece of her art work.What’s your celebration theme song?

2. Your “Power Hour” – Commit to showing up at the same time every day.
Think of your business as your baby or lover (or both). You feed your baby at the same times every day. Why? Because they go bonkers if you don’t. If you don’t have kids think about your partner – if you decide to call them once every 19 days you probably won’t have a partner for very long.

A huge part of being successful at anything is commitment to showing up consistently. If you want it done – book it in your calendar.

3. Your ‘No Matter What’ Beliefs
This is what you will practice saying, doing and BEING, no matter what in relation to your business.
My client David has these laminated in this laptop, he’s a software creator and travels to clients for demos and pitches. He loves it also as a convo starter with clients.

‘No matter what – I don’t shame, blame or judge myself”
No matter what – I work out 60 minutes per day”
No matter what – I will not forget my clients wants and needs’

4. Your “Future Self” – Business and Life visions
This isn’t hypnosis or dreamyland time. It’s truly mandatory to get what you want. You must spend active time thinking about and feeling what you want to create – As having DONE IT ALREADY.
This is the key – the having done energy, feeling that now and living in that will draw you toward it faster than anything.

My client Jillian wants to leave her 9-5 job as a mortgage broker and make her part time biz writing and designing children’s book her full time business. Even though she already has 2 short stories published and writes for tons of children and parenting blogs she spends the majority of her day in mortgage world.

To make her goals and dreams closer she books time in her calendar to think about her future self-concept and who she’s becoming on the way to that business being full time.

At first it was hard, it’s truly a skill but she got the hang of it and now thinks of the thoughts and feelings of when it’s done.
When the first major publisher picks her up -Think – ‘I knew I could do it’
Feel – excited.
When she gets to pick her professional illustrator for her book -Think ‘I love working with John Billings he’s the best and will bring my words to life’
Feel – grateful.

Spend some time creating your Success Ritual. It will get you in the flow of success and focused on what’s most important to you.