We ALL Need to Reboot for Optimal Functionality!

Many moons ago, I diligently (or not so diligently) sat facing a computer screen — chained to (er, plugged into) a phone by a tightly-woven cord, repeatedly receiving inbound calls for 8 hours of my day. My co-workers and I were entirely dependent on the proper functioning of our computers to access vital information for our clients, in order to effectively guide them and answer their questions.

On numerous occasions, our computers would simply fail to function properly. They’d freeze up. They’d go haywire. They’d give us the dreaded ‘screen o’ death’… The list of mishaps goes on. Upon discovering the breakdown of our systems, we’d contact our IT department to see what was going on.

The first question we’d receive from IT — regardless of the problem the computer was showcasing — was always the same:
 “Did you reboot the system?”

Nine times out of ten, that’s all that was needed. A little reboot. A refresher, maybe? Well, my supervisor at the time (a fave person to work for, and one of few fond memories of that particular job) coined the term “FM” relating to this phenomenon. “F_______ Magic”…He really was onto something. You can probably guess what the first letter stands for… It’s THE forbidden word. The BIG one. (Yep, that one.) But you can fill in the blank in any way you like, really…You could go with something like Friggin’, Freaking, Flippin’, Fricken…. Whatever ‘type’ of magic you want to imply with emphasis — it’s still magic just the same.

Later on, it hit me. Even our most updated and sophisticated machinery needs to reboot…. Computers. Phones. Hybrid cars. Robotic vacuum cleaners…. You name it. If it’s electronic in nature, even if plugged into an ongoing power source, it needs to be shut down completely — and in many cases — charged in between. Even our trusty gas-powered vehicles, whose batteries seem to last eons, need re-fueling at regular intervals.

What we really need to realize, is that this need for regular rebooting includes US. Human beings — the most ‘sophisticated machinery’ there is! We all need to reboot. Recharge. Refuel. Restart. ReFRESH. RENEW! Otherwise, like our electronic counterparts, we freeze up. We grow tired and think less clearly. We lose our zest for life. We lack creativity and efficiency. We become more susceptible to illness. We basically begin to break down and can no longer function properly.

Even Mother Nature, in her infinite wisdom, reboots by going dormant for a season — to effectively renew herself & her supply. We really could take a cue from Her.

Our society has had it backwards for a long time already…. Pushing us to go-go-go, and constantly be doing. But we need intervals where we can just be. Just breathe. Just enjoy. And — just relax. Even more so — we need good amounts of solid sleep on the regular; the equivalent to our human ‘reboot’. In fact, the culmination of all of this came rushing from my subconscious to my conscious mind while lying in bed this morning. (Good morning creativity!)

So, call it what you will, but let’s be sure to incorporate the necessary ‘RE’s into our routines… Rest. Relax. Rejuvenate. Refuel. Recharge. Restart. ReFRESH. RENEW… Simply REBOOT! If our electronics need it, you can bet we need it. In fact, we need it all the more. I’m telling you, my boss was onto something… It’s pure, F’in magic, baby!

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Originally published at thevitalitylounge.com on April 26, 2017.

Originally published at medium.com