Mature pine trees can be several meters tall and have large branches, deep root systems and thick trunks. It’s therefore, quite likely that you may need one or two of these giant trees removed at some point if you have them growing around your house or walkways.

Expect to pay amounts ranging between $600 to $3,500 to remove a mature palm tree anywhere in Australia. The total costs depend on factors such as the type of pine tree, where it is located and the amount of time it would take to completely remove the tree.

How to Estimate Pine Tree Removal Costs

You can use the following parameters or factors to guess how much it would cost to remove any pine tree in the US:

Size of Tree – Height and Trunk Size

Most tree removal companies will give a lot of weight to the size of the pine tree to give you an hourly or fixed quote that includes permits, trunk removal and disposal. The size, in this case, doesn’t necessarily mean the height of the tree as some short pine trees can be quite large in terms of trunk size and branch size.

Here are some estimates that you can work with to know how much you will need to pay to remove a pine tree with size being a primary factor:

Large Pine Tree- Approximately Above 15 Meters High

Some native and imported species of pine trees such as the Norfolk Island pine variety can grow as tall as fifty to sixty meters high and have large trunks. Although it might be rare to find such trees near residential neighbourhoods, they are still present in most places and may need to be removed at some point especially for timber or if they are showing signs of excessive aging ad posing a danger to nearby installations.

A large pine tree will cost around $1,500 to $3,500 or more to remove according to Go Tree Quotes. This price is depending on where it’s growing and other factors such as species and cost of disposal. If you are lucky, you might be able to cut some of the costs by trading the palm tree for its timber or selling it to a lumber business. Pine trees of this size and age may also be under strict conservation laws in your locality so be sure to get the right permits before removing them.

Medium Pine Tree- Approximately 10 To 15 Meters High

Most pine tree varieties in Australia tend to be slow growers so a medium-sized pine tree would be at its middle age and approximately ten to fifteen meters high. Expect to pay amounts between $750 to $1,500 to remove medium pine trees in Australia. Of course, all the other factors such as ease of access come into play and will affect the final quote too.

Small Pine Trees- Approximately 5 To 10 Meters High

Any pine tree below ten meters can be considered a small tree regardless of its type. With this in mind, average costs for removing a small pine tree in Australia range between $100 to $600. However, some pine tree varieties may still attract slightly higher prices depending on the size of the trunk and branches.

Removal Costs According to The Type of The Pine Tree

There different varieties of pine trees growing across Australia with each of them having different characteristics that may influence the removal costs. For instance, Norfolk Island pine tree rend to grow quite tall and will attract higher removal quotes while decorative pine varieties such as pencil pines attract relatively low removal quotes.

Norfolk Island Pine Removal Costs in Australia

While Norfolk Island pines tend to be tall and have many branches, they tend to have soft barks and average-sized trunks. That said, Norfolk pines attract the highest removal costs with average quotes including stump removal and disposal in the range of $2,300 to $3,500.

These costs vary depending on the size of the Norfolk and how long it takes or how difficult it is to remove. You can also save some money by selling is timber or using it for your building projects.

Conifer Pine Removal Costs in Australia

Conifers can be found everywhere in Australia especially in public places or in the suburbs lining streets and walkways. They tend to have relatively thin trunks but dense leaf cover that can be challenging for the tree removal company to manage when felling them.

That said, Conifers are relatively easy to deal with and attract relatively low removal costs. Expect to pay amounts in the region of$500 to $600 including stump removal for this pine variety anywhere in Australia.

The costs may be slightly higher if the conifer is growing somewhere that is hard to access or too near a building. Since most conifers tend to be grown in areas considered public such as estate roads and loans, you should make sure that you have the right permits before you have them removed.

 Radiata Pine Removal Costs in Australia

There are large numbers of Radiata pine varieties growing across most parts of Australia. Most of them are grown as shade trees inside compounds because of their large, dense branches and leaf cover. Radiata pines tend to attract relatively high removal costs because of their size and where are they are mostly.

Expect to pay amounts in the range of $17,00 to $2000 to remove a mature Radiata pine variety anywhere in Australia. The cost could be higher in some circumstances such as when the tree is less than a meter away from your house or fence. Most tree removal companies will need to assess any large pine tree near buildings before they give a quote. The costs could be lower of stump removal is not included in the final price.

Pine Tree Removal Costs According to Location

Location in this context refers to the exact point where the pine tree is growing and not a typical physical address. For instance, the tree could be growing next to your fence and needs to removed because of one reason or the other.

In most cases, pine trees growing next to buildings or any other permanent structures will take a bit more effort to remove without causing damage. This explains why a tree removal company would add some additional charges to the quote if that is the case. The removal costs will generally be slightly higher because most tree removal companies charge by the hour.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove A Dead Pine Tree?

A dead or fallen pine tree might cost more to remove than a healthy one in some cases. Expect to pay amounts between $600 to $2500 to have a dead pine tree removed by a professional tree removal company. The costs will vary depending on the size of the dean pine tree and whether it requires more man-hours and equipment to remove safely.

Can I Remove A Pine Tree Myself?

Mature pine trees can be quite tall and have large trunks supported by a strong root system. Removing such trees safely therefore requires some expertise and special equipment that you may not have with you. It’s safer and more cost-effective to have a professional tree removal company come over and remove the tree.