What is the one thing that keeps you focused?

If we have a purpose in life and stick to our goals, it keeps us focussed. For focus, you can try breathing exercises and mindfulness. This helps in maintaining your concentration on your task. Focus on yourself, rather than on others. Sometimes, we may get carried away by the posts on social media. Do not measure your success with others parameters. Define your path towards success. What seems successful is years of practice, patience and concentration. Hence, when others try to compare themselves with you, do not get distracted, stay true to your purpose.

  • Break down the lengthy tasks into shorter tasks
  • Focus may seem difficult in the beginning
  • Concentrate on the task according to the priority
  • Organize your clothes in a cupboard and books on a book shelf.
  • Do not let your emotions control you
  • Focus in the present

Focussing on the most important to the less important ones can keep you going throughout the day.