In the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we often lose out on several moments of happiness and contentment. We feel hopeless, restless, and tired too easily. It feels as if we are a part of a mad rush, running without knowing what we are running for. We are soaked in bigger dreams and greater demands of the future so much that we overlook the little moments of peace and joy. Thus, we should pause for some time, delve into a few moments of introspection and try to find happiness in the little things of life.

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The various ways which can help us find happiness and peace in our lives are: 
1. Focusing on the little things about life 
– It is not bad to have big ambitions or big dreams in life, but it is bad when we get blind while trying to achieve this. The immense joy of staying close to our loved ones or having our favorite meal one day even if it includes a bit of carbs is bound. Happiness might even come in the form of getting just a random text from an old friend or coming across a song on social media that you loved as a child. All these little moments give us an undefined peace, an unmissable broad smile that has the power to make our day. Happiness is like trinkets. So, stop and start looking at all the things happening with you. 
2. Stop trying to find joy in materialistic things only 
– It is high time you stop thinking about when will be your next big raise or when will you buy the next big diamond ring. Just dreaming of a lavish life with materialistic elements can give one momentary happiness but it won’t last long. Just the day you have the ring or the raise, you are going to celebrate, have lots of fun, but from the next day again you are going to plan when next? It is being dragged into an endless vicious cycle. Thus, focus on the abstracts of life. Try feeling them! A cozy movie with your loved one or a day out with your best friend will give you a memory of a lifetime. You can happily stay with that warm memory lifelong or till you make new memories! 
3. Take a break, take a chill pill 
– This should be a primary rule of life. It is important to hustle hard, to fight till you achieve it, but it is equally important to take small breaks when one can acknowledge and appreciate all the things they have done. This helps in analyzing getting better and of course, ultimately results in happiness. It boosts self-confidence, it gives motivation, it helps to feel positive. Thus, it is important to indulge in leisurely activities and sometimes just do nothing. 
So, stop burdening yourselves and start from today because happiness is not a thing, it is a process!