Follow These 7 Routines To Notch Up Your Creativity Levels
A list of practical hacks that you can implement to be more effective, creative, and productive in your day-to-day work

Right now, I assume that you’re either a working individual (or) someone who always looks for any creative inspiration to complete his/her day.

Without any element of creativity in our daily lives. We are bound to get frustrated, irritated, and feel rejected by what we do. By being creative is what separates us, humans, from other living beings and robots.

Without creativity, there is no innovation

Rather than stretching my point of creativity being our necessity. In this article, I want to share the seven practical hacks/routines that you can regularly implement to enhance your creativity and

Never let that creativity dragon die within you.

(Remember these tips/points are majorly for working employees and professionals who struggle to go beyond their creative block)

Practical Hacks for Creativity (Freepik)

1) Plan your workdays in advance

I know this might sound too cliche, but planning your work days ahead will help you sort your work life better.

Planning in advance = Preparing in advance

To do so, you can use effective techniques like time boxing which is preferred by business genius Elon Musk who schedules his work using that exact technique.

(Note: With time-blocking you can actually plan your whole working day schedule ahead of weeks and months in advance)

The best part about time-blocking is that once you’ve your time sorted for work, the remaining hours belong to you. You could use that free time to be more effective, productive, and creative. Actually I will recommend you to adapt the famous 5-hour rule used by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

5-hour rule concept: Spend 1hr each day on a new skill which you want to learn. Do this five days a week, and that’s your five-hour rule.

2) Avoid daydreaming

We all are daydreamers, and to be honest I like the feeling which I get when I daydream a lot. But apart from that moment of good feeling. There is nothing ‘good’ in daydreaming.

The real issue arrives when you start to daydream in the middle of your work and it becomes your habit.

All of a sudden, you stumble upon creative blocks, and your whole creative thoughts starts evaporating in the air.

Thus no matter what, you need to avoid your daydreaming and try to focus on reality. The best way in which I avoid daydreaming is by being strict to my tasks and I will always question myself whenever I fail to accomplish some creative task.

3) Keep your body moving

This is the most simplest thing you can do while you’re out of any inspiration and in no mood to skim through your day.

To be frank, our current office environment and work from home desk set-ups aren’t that motivating. You become still by spending hours on a table and staring at a screen throughout the time. They make our minds numb.

Moving around and doing any physical activities will shift your mental focus on something other than work. I recommend anything from going for a walk to getting a cup of coffee.

It is said that the time after 1 pm – 2 pm is usually when we feel most de-focused on our work and suddenly become all lethargic. This phenomenon is called ‘Afternoon Slump.’ and to get back our focus the first most sensible thing we can do is go out and get ourselves a straight 10-20 mins walk.

4) Let the music play

Music is the best therapy and the most practical way to bring back your creative brain. Not all kinds of music are meant to help you divert your mind and enhance your creativity.

Music played from a special genre involving traditional instruments, and minimum vocals are the best. Your music determines your vibe and it helps you flow with the things that you’re dealing with.

Better the peace and vibe of your music — better will be your creativity

5) Stay disconnected from the world

Today’s hustle culture is restless and unsettling. It’s easier for us to get all clogged up with the world and forget ourselves.

To tackle with all the sudden rush of emotions and situations. We need to train ourselves to compete and face any situation. To do so, firstly, our mental state is very important.

With improper mental state there are too many emotions to handle at a time and this will knock down our creativity levels. Instead of getting our creativity buried — Staying disconnected is important.

Foremost the best way to stay disconnected from our surroundings will be to meditate. Prefer to meditate in the mornings and build a morning routine that you can follow daily.

6) Find time for gratitude

As I touched upon solitude in the above lines. Bringing your mental state to stability is essential for your creativity. But our current hustle culture and social media platforms doesn’t want us to be grateful for what we have, and many of us are building unwanted greed to get more.

Greed and necessity are two different things. Your necessity is complete when you accomplish something that you wanted so badly. But greed never stops. It builds like interest on our credit cards.

To avoid all this, we need to take our moments and find some time for gratitude. Daily gratification of your life will help you look at your goals from a different perspective.

Building perspectives is an essential block of building creativity

7) Revert the thought of not doing anything

It happens often, and there are just such days where you build thoughts to skip the work (or) avoid it completely.

It’s your mind that pushes you to escape, even though your body is still capable of doing it. Due to that mental push it just becomes harder to go against such thoughts.

Eventually, it’s all about the game of momentum as you try to focus for a shorter period of time. Your thoughts will no longer be pushing you to give up.

Giving up 100 times is way easier than doing it once

My Final Thoughts:-

No matter how much you read any content on enhancing your creativity (or) getting inspired by something. The major inspiration comes from within you, and at the same time, the major distractions also come from within you.

The game is all about building habits via your daily routines and shaping up your creative mind to be more mature.

(I hope you got little value out of my article. Let me know what you have done to become creative daily?)