Hani Zeini

Staying physically active during COVID-19 is proving to be a challenge for many. People struggle to figure out how to look after their wellness and well-being while leading a restricted lifestyle imposed by physical distancing and home confinement. As some try to adapt to a new lifestyle, they fall prey to anxiety, depression, and poor health that affect their wellness and deny them the opportunity to live life the way they want. Hani Zeini explains that to fight the pandemic, it is critical to stay healthy, which will help you support others in your family to overcome similar problems. It is a formidable challenge to maintain a balance between our personal and professional lives during the pandemic, but unless we can ensure our own overall health, we will not be able to overcome this pandemic. The more you stay connected within your social and professional circle, the more you will be at ease.

Advice from Hani Zeini on looking after your body

To deal with stress arising from our restricted and disrupted living, you must be healthy both physically and mentally. You can build up the strength of your immunity to fight against sickness and disease by maintaining a nutritious and balanced diet. Choose foods that are healthy. Include fruits and vegetables in every meal. Consume plenty of water, herbal tea, and avoid coffee and alcohol in excess to keep the body hydrated.

Maintain physical activities

It is not enough to eat healthy foods. The body is kept at its best when all of its needs are taken care of. You must lead an active life and overcome the restrictions of truncated living due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Exercising daily is the easiest way to maintain a sustainable level of physical activity. This does not mean that you must engage in a rigorous workout as you do in a gym. Simply follow a daily routine of exercising for as little as 15-20 minutes a day, every day, throughout the week. This can be something as simple as going for a brisk walk around the block. Look for inspiration and guidance from online resources and choose exercises that you can do without any equipment.

Avoid shortcuts

Although some people feel they can escape from stress with a temporary reprieve, there are no true shortcuts to overcoming anxiety. Short-term solutions tend to aggravate the problem because they don’t address the root of the issue. Avoid the lure of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco; substances that can damage both your physical and mental health. A glass of wine here and there is safe, but dependency is a real danger.

Deal with information overload by staying connected in sustainable ways

This pandemic has created problems with information overload. We receive all kinds of information flowing from every corner of the internet. This often makes it difficult to distinguish between real news and fake news. Rumor mongering is dangerous and confuses people. It adds more stress, which affects physical health. Access information selectively by ensuring its authenticity. Only seek out news from reputable sources.