There’s a lot to be learned from history. Aside from the events that helped shape our society today, people can learn from the actions and decisions that were made before them. 

Music mogul Rob Terell also draws inspiration from the greats that came before him. Not only is he in awe of what they’ve achieved, but he also tries to learn from their actions and how he can do better. 

Rob Terell is a musician that strives to brand himself as an artist, writer, and director. He is seen as a mogul in music since he has been able to be an artist/musician while also being an established businessman. 

Fast forward 25 years later, he now is in the process of launching a new reality television series dealing with the music industry. 

Researching And Improving Past Actions

When faced with obstacles, Rob researches what all the greats have done in the past by reading their story comprehensively. 

“You can learn from someone else’s experience without having to go through it yourself. Success leaves clues. I study the clues and then figure out my game plan,” he said. 

And to avoid stress and burnout, Rob also works out every day, eats right, and stays away from heavy foods with high sugar contents. He meditates and prays to keep his mind filled with positive energy. 

Helping Other Artists Learn 

Rob started his career as an intern at Calliope studios in New York. He was a musician who wanted to also learn the ins and outs of the industry, but he didn’t want to be what he calls, “famous and broke”. He prefers fortune over fame, and he knew from a young age that knowing the nuances of the music industry would be the only way. 

Using his skills as a speaker and negotiator, Rob eventually ascended the ranks and held prestigious titles like founder and CEO. And because he had to learn the basics of the music industry himself, Rob decided that he would aid other artists in their journey to the top. 

As the Official Dealmaker, Rob strives to get artists the deal that they deserve. 

He also published three books that teach artists about the mechanics of the music industry. 

“Take your music seriously as a craft. Make sure you have a great team around you with experience and resources. Have a real plan, don’t wing it,” he advises. 

Rob also stresses the importance of being persistent and focused as an artist because these are some of the values that helped propel him to the top. 

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