If you’re not moving forward in life, you’re just moving backward. And NO! You’re not staying where you are. Everything is not about the laws of physics or equilibrium in chemistry. This is the human life we’re talking about and in practicality, the absence of progress means boarding the train to failure. 

Stagnancy is the little seed that germinates into massive frustration with a lack of progress-oriented actions. You might think you’re maintaining your state but all it does over a few months is derail you into a rat race that ends up frustrating a lot of people all over the world.

So, what’s the solution?

CEO of a new, yet successful marketing agency offers a foolproof formula for staying motivated…

C x R x H = Continuous Motivation

“I follow the CRH formula which is my secret key to growth. Following this formula for motivation is one of the primary means to help my clients reach 6 figures of income in a short time span” says Ajay Rai.

Now, we’ve all heard the countless benefits of motivation and it’s nothing new. Countless internet searches provide numerous cliched answers to ‘how to stay motivated.’ But the concept of three key aspects of motivation is new.

  • Consistent
  • Relentless
  • Habitual

Now, let’s take a look at each component of the formula in detail.


Suppose you heard a motivational lecture from a big business tycoon. He said things about his past that looked like your present and he mentioned how he turned it around to make it big in his industry.

Can you relate to the feeling when you know you have it in you to conquer the world like the person who’s giving the motivational speech did? We’ve all been there.

The next day, you get up and start working towards your goal, knowing in your hear that great things are going to happen to you. Another day passes and you’re fueled with enthusiasm.

A few days more of hard work and you encounter some pitfalls and you give it your best shot to overcome them. You look forward to a successful future with rose-tinted glasses but what happens after a week or two?

Get this straight, the moment you hit the snooze button a few times and you’re back to square one.

What happened? Don’t you now think that you are a success material? Where did the fire go? If its any consolation, the fire is not gone.

It’s deep inside you and another dose of motivation is just the right amount of oxygen you need! Well, consistency is the medicine that keeps you going.

How do I get frequent doses of motivation?

Just like you need fuel for a vehicle, frequent motivation is a must to keep your engine running in an optimal condition. Most successful people in the world read to learn new things and keep them on the right track. 

Did you know that Bill Gates reads about 50 books in a year? Now, I’m not talking about the latest edition of fiction romance and fantasy novels. Success series, biographies, or autobiographies of achievers, self-help, personal finance are some of the favorite niches of people who tend to make a mark.

You can also listen to podcasts in the car or when you’re going for a walk. There are tonnes of motivational and growth mindset videos and audios available on the internet. If you’re not able to make up time for reading or you’re not an avid reader, listening to some motivation clad magic words can do wonders for maintaining the consistency for your motivation levels.


Now that you’ve understood the importance of time-to-time motivation boosts, it’s time to amp up the game. This is where relentlessness comes into the picture. They say don’t be too hard on yourself. But that doesn’t mean you let go of every ounce of self-discipline and treat yourselves with kid gloves. 

The R of the motivation formula enables you to exercise relentless motivation, that is, increasing the intensity of those consistent doses you’ve been taking. Stop being easy on yourself! No matter how much your body tells you to press that snooze button, don’t! I’m giving this example because everyone can relate to the urge for a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning.

Work on every little kink that stops you from achieving your goal. In the previous step, we learned how to keep things consistent. Now, make the most of the consistency by changing the types of books you read or the level of stuff you listen to. For instance, you’ve overcome and practiced waking up early. But you can’t get yourself to stop procrastinating the little things. In that case, be relentless and attack the issue like a tiger unless you win!


Have you ever gotten a golden chance to handle a pampered kid? If you haven’t, grab the opportunity as soon as you can. You’ll realize the power of habits and the impact they can have even on a clueless toddler. Pampered children are set in their ways. The moment you deprive them of something you’re habitual to, even the most powerful noise-canceling headphones can’t save you from the horror that awaits.

This was a simple example to prove how stubborn habits can be. As we age, they tighten their grasp on us. We all know how hard it is to get rid of a bad habit in case we get to catch it. Now imagine how hard it would be to give up your daily dose of motivation if you make it a permanent habit!

Final words

Motivation is often underrated. You know simple stuff like, ‘never give up’, ‘keep fighting until you reach the goal’. But hearing this stuff once in a fancy language isn’t enough. You have to keep exposing yourself to motivational material unless every little cell of your body absorbs a success mindset. 

It’s an ongoing process and more challenging than people perceive. But as long as you consistently practice relentless motivation and make it a habit, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal!