Mehran Rowshan

The sport of football is full of passionate individuals who love it for all its worth. One such person is Mehran Rowshan, who was born into a sporting family in Tehran. His grandfather was one of the founding members of TaJ, one of the biggest football clubs in Asia, which is still active to this very day. His uncle, Hassan Rowshan, is a national sporting hero who won the Asian Cup three times in the ’70s. He’s also the only player who has scored for Iran in the Asian Cup, World Cup, and the Olympics.

Much like passionate football enthusiasts, Mehran’s love of football began at a very young age. It’s clear to see that he was always destined to be involved with the game that he loves. He initially started out as a player, but his career was unfortunately abruptly cut off by a severe knee injury that he sustained at such a young age.

His hungry heart wouldn’t let his love for the game die out just like that, so he remained as part of the football team in a way that was both skillful and rewarding. In line with Mehran Rowshan’s goal, he became a professional football coach and began his coaching journey when he was 22 years old. Since then, he has never looked back, and football coaching has become an integral part of his life.

His expertise has led him to create unique and innovative training methods that are effective building blocks toward growing the future of the Alliance Football Club. Going above and beyond football, Mehran Rowshan is also a qualified advocate and adviser on a variety of related aspects that would holistically develop his trainees. These aspects include nutrition, psychology, life coaching, mentorship, and the ability to provide young players the opportunity to develop their life skills while nurturing their football skills.

Mehran Rowshan is exceptionally known for out-of-the-box training, such as football psychology to match analysis. The thriving football coach has developed and designed more than 300 unique football drills and coached over 10,000 to this very day. He believes in expressive developmental methods that allow for his trainees’ raw talents to rise up from the surface.

Apart from his football expertise, Mehran Rowshan has also developed a slew of character development programs for young people called youth mentorship and braining.  He sees future generations to be vastly important members of our society. Mehran aims to help build a pathway and encourage meaningful character development for the youth, on and off the pitch.