Leadership comes in many shapes and sizes. Between the historical leaders people learn about in school and the modern-day leaders that are at the heads of governments, institutions, and corporations, it’s sometimes all too easy to forget what true leadership looks like. Cody Vaujin, a sports consultant, can serve as a welcome reminder.

Vaujin managed to build his career in sports handicapping at an early age; he was just as good as the seasoned professionals he encountered, if not better. However, when he reached what many would see as a highpoint in his career, a point that left room for more of a steep ascent, Vaujin decided to change things up a bit and devote his talents to others.

For this curious entrepreneur, sharing is indeed caring, and leading is what it was always supposed to be: giving people a boost so they can reach the goals they want for themselves.

An Early Start

This kind of attitude toward what leadership is may be developed early on. It just might be that those earliest interactions one has with their surroundings, and with their parents, in particular, are what set them on a course they’ll be destined to follow for most of their life.

That would explain Vaujin’s attitude toward helping others achieve their goals. He could be quoted saying he felt “incredibly blessed to have been raised by two supportive parents.” Being an ambitious kid, his ambitions needed to be recognized by his parents, which they did. He was able to follow a steady course of sports, which made for one half of the “how to become a sports consultant” puzzle.

The other part of the puzzle was math, something Vaujin had a knack for. Vaujin was a kid with good grades who did especially well in math, and he didn’t mind spending his spare time hustling to make some money. This entrepreneur started young.

Learning the Important Lessons

To get into a leadership position, Vaujin first had to develop his skills. His trade of choice was sports betting, an industry in which he soon proved to be not only good but one of the best of all time. This type of activity directly targeted many of the things that Vaujin liked, including sports and math, but also taking risks.

Soon enough, Vaujin wasn’t just some kid who knew a thing or two about handicapping. He was a young person who would soon move on to start Codycoverspreads, but not before he cleaned out the sports handicapping competitions and spent an incredible six months in Las Vegas, which saw him become a millionaire.

Finally, Vaujin also learned that there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Some casinos in Las Vegas weren’t exactly thrilled to see him winning, so they stopped holding his bets. That was the third lesson.

Full Steam Ahead into Leadership

Do leaders need to think of themselves as leaders? It would be difficult to determine what exactly a leader is, let alone how one is supposed to think. Vaujin, for his part, doesn’t see himself as a leader. He’s just a person who will, for a fee, provide some insights people can use to bet on sports.

The leadership part comes from the way Vaujin conducts his business. He never has too many clients because he doesn’t want to upset the balance of the betting ecosystem. Plus, he’s a one-person operation and he does everything on his own, including spending time with the clients.

Most importantly, however, Vaujin would say that he is almost on a mission. Certainly, he is someone who is there to see people succeed, not just give him the money so he can disappear. For Vaujin, any information or skill he can share is caring that the people he works with are better off after they’ve talked to him than they were before.