A pitch black midnight vertically standing mic proudly parks in front of covid survivor Jacob Larson, bravely belting out cordial, candid notes of an unknown chosen song name to University of Colorado’s hospital staff and first responders in lieu of a thank you.  As if building up to a great crescendo himself, Harvey Sutton reminds, having a different challenge altogether to accomplish. Similar illustrates Seth Marcus’ own heartbreaking, yet resilient health journey, battling and beating cancer through a strictly scheduled fitness regime, yoga included.

Nonchalantly conquering the Appalachian Trail with his parents, the convincing innocence of a five year old hiker impresario mounts an achievable milestone in itself, an unexpected gift. Impressive for an early determined fearless youth, concentrated led goals function at the front of a blossoming mind. 

The U.S. Air Force and Delta Airlines flight attendants successfully rescue Afghan refugees, helping families necessarily escape immediate danger on individually separate occasions. Observant is a similar analogy. 

If delivering a baby and/or selflessly purchasing children must haves doesn’t define the term heroic, honorable appreciation happily recognizes the unity of cultural representation.

Courage doesn’t just simply exist. Miraculous has to define an event’s first. Moving on from prior existent tragedy is all too familiar, as is complicated. Recovery’s commonality unites in a serendipitously fateful way. Especially displayed through daily’s unfolding storied pandemic, where seekable community thrives. 

That’s where Las Vegas nurse, Brooke Johns comes in, Elsa or Rapunzel’s doppelgänger, secretly serving in disguise as a personified, angelic real life Disney princess, generously giving back, providing free patient makeovers. They often say, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder.’