Forgiveness, what is forgiveness? 

When I hold a grudge against others, I am merely hurting myself. 

Is it something tangible that I won’t let go of? 

Why is that? 

Is that because I want to be considered always right? Holding onto that thing whatever it is, I get to believe I am always right. That person is wrong and therefore they do not deserve to be forgiven for their point of view, or for hurting me. 

What if you could forgive them or did forgive them?

How would that feel? 

Would it feel like it’s OK to forgive them and therefore I can let go of whatever is bothering me? Or do I want to hold onto that thing that’s bothering me that I remain right, or stuck.

Imagine how you would feel if you let that thing go. 

How would it feel? 

Think about that. Would it bring a freedom? Would it bring a lightness, or a relief to you? 

The funny thing is that the other person who you have a grudge against probably doesn’t even know it or realize it. They are going about their lives without knowing anything. However, you are the one holding on, it’s gnawing at you, it’s irritating you, what is it actually doing for you?

I get to forgive others so I can move on and forgive myself and fully love myself. 

Are you so arrogant that your pride won’t let you surrender it? 

Could you let the pain and stories go? Would you? 

After all it’s mostly the stories in your mind that you have created about this incident that are staying with you. 

How would that feel to finally let yourself be free of the pain you have been holding onto all this time? I did that and discovered “freedom, joy, & happiness”. 

Letting go actually gives you the opportunity to claim your power back. I finally let go of the anger, pain and resentment I had about an incident that I made up robbed me of my innocence when I was 14 and decided to reclaim my power, in doing so I let go of the stories about it and all my feelings about it and feel empowered now.

I realized to fully love myself it’s time for me to forgive myself and others. I realized it was my responsibility that I had not claimed in the situation and I forgave myself and told myself that it will never happen again. I will always be fully responsible for myself. Isn’t it time for you to fully love yourself? Instead of searching for love in other people to validate you. 

How much better would you feel embracing love and happiness instead of negativity and self-doubt. Through forgiveness you are healing your body and soul through the forgiveness of others? The answer is “Yes” you actually feel so much better. Surrendering that which doesn’t serve you. The world would be a much kinder, loving and more gentle place. It begins with each one of us, making a difference in the world one person at a time and most importantly treating ourselves with love empathy & compassion❤️