The first day of a new job can be stressful. There is so much to learn in a new environment. It is the responsibility of a hiring manager to make a new hire feel welcome. This relieves tension and anxiety in the new employee. This can also contribute to employee retention. Here are four ways to make new hires feel welcome.

Be Prepared and Excited

Reaching out to a new hire even before they report on their first day is a great first step. Adequate information from the new hire makes the hiring manager well prepared before training. It Is important to have clear and regular communication before they even report to their desks. The new hire can also be invited to the company’s social network platforms.

Establish a Schedule

The first day is usually full of meetings, orientations, and paperwork. Establishing a schedule enables the new employee to know what to expect. An effective strategy to help the new employees understand how the company functions are to have them sit down with different teams, and each member can introduce themselves. This can also help them to recognize the faces of their new colleagues. The hiring manager should show the new hires their new work stations.

Giving A Tour and Helping Them Set Up

A tour of the company will give a lay of the land. This will also help new employees map out significant points, such as the restrooms and senior offices of the organization. It is important that new employees have the right software, passwords, and functional email accounts to avoid delays and frustrations. The hiring manager should also ensure that the new hires have the tools they need to be productive.

Outlining objectives to the new hires prepares them for work. Assigning immediate tasks and goals helps new employees feel more useful and productive. This also gives the hiring manager a chance to observe the new employee’s work ethic and provide feedback.

Schedule to Have Meals or Drinks

The goal of having meals with new hires is to show genuine interest in their success. This is vital to team building. The manager will also be able to know the personality of the new employee. Meaningful relationships are essential to a business. Sharing an experience outside the office encourages the new employee to communicate freely.



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