As a philanthropist, you’re doing your part to give back and change the lives of others in need. Many active philanthropists make monetary donations to charities and organizations they believe in. And while financial donations can go a long way in providing help to someone, there are plenty of other ways to give back as well. Specifically, by donating your time! There’s always a need for volunteers, and depending on the organization, volunteer work can be something you do on a regular basis. Here are a few staple ways you can donate your time and give back to others:

Coach a Youth Team 

One of the most rewarding ways you can give back to your community is by working with local kids. For many children, sports teams are an essential aspect of everyday life. They help keep kids out of trouble, teach them responsibility, and give them the opportunity to adopt and practice a new skill. Unfortunately, for many youth sports organizations, coaches and instructors are few and far between; and teams rely on local community members to step up and take action. 

Organize a Food or Clothing Drive 

A local food or clothing drive is a great way to help one or multiple families in need. Here is where you can get the rest of your community involved to accumulate donations over a set period of time. Whether your drive is set for one day, or over a few weeks, you can round up many different community members to contribute to your cause. 

Visit a Senior Living Center 

The unfortunate reality for many seniors within your community is loneliness. For many adults in senior living, visitors are few and far between; and depending on their health, stepping outside the senior center may not happen too often. As an active volunteer, you can make a difference by making regular visits and offering assistance where needed. An hour or two each week can help you create relationships with senior residents and surely brighten their day.

Become a Community Board Member 

Community boards and organizations can always use extra help and volunteers. If you have a business or administrative background, you can be a great asset to your community board and other local organizations. Serve your time in your community by organizing different local events that will bring everyone together. 



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