Stressed office clerk

Stress is the state of mental or emotional strain tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances according to the oxford dictionary.

You are likely to get office stress from a mean boss, disorganization as a person or even too much work. Again, a discomfort in the office can be dangerous.

Fast of all, you don’t need a specialist to know you have stress. Frequent headaches should trigger a red flag.

Signs like anger, anxiety and depression should make you reconsider you have stress. Again, withdrawing from social life in the office is also another big sign.

Also, having fatigue, lack of sleep, lost concentration, less or no interest in work in the office should be signs you have stress.

Stress in the office affects the workers and the company. As a worker, stress lowers ones’ self-esteem and work productivity. And, to the company, office stress affects the production and detriments the image.

Stress in the office should not be a death sentence as it’s easy to handle with a few tips.

Be organized in the office

Preparing everything to do the day before helps you to start your day well. You will arrive at work early. In that way, your to-do things will have adequate time, and again, your working speed will be at your pace.

For your work to be more accessible, place everything in the office at its right place for easy access.

Planning your day prior saves time. This will make your job easier, and as a result, you will have relieve from office stress

Stay away from office stress

Most of the times, conflicts between co-workers are unavoidable, and they tend to occur often. Avoiding office stress is easy and sometimes, the better way.

Try as much as possible to keep off extreme office humor. Be far from those workers who don’t interact well with others. Also, distance yourself from things that doesn’t concern you; don’t gossip.

Separate your private life from the office work. To have a peaceful office, cut your private information to the office.

Be comfortable.

We spend most of the time in our work stations than any other in our lives. Make your office time as comfortable as you can.

Again, avoid future health complication with comfortable office chairs. Even a little noise in the office triggers anxiety which will make you to be less productive.

Most important, make it your duty to work in a conducive and a comfortable office. Working in a quiet office will make you more productive and stress-free.

One thing at a time

As much as you work on deadlines and achieve more in a given time, plan your days early. This will help you to avoid rushing in the morning or even getting late.

While in the office, try as much not multitask. Multitasking slows and lowers your production, which can lead to office stress. Handle one thing at a time, clear with it, and then go to the next task.

Being organized helps you in doing work well and avoids office stress.

Parting shot

Whenever you feel stressed, take a break, breath in, or even take a walk which will help you cool down.

Drink a lot of water to dehydrate as this will make you stretch when you run to the toilet.

Also, engaging insome exercises like walking, running, or even engaging in a football match is welcome to combat office stress. Again, enrolling in the gym will make a person relax after work.

You will be a flesh you in the office the following day, more productive and happier.