If you are aspiring for a career in the IT industry there are certain skills that you need to develop. The behavioral skills of the employees have a direct impact on the overall performance of the company.

When a company hires a particular set of employees, it sees their track records and makes sure that they have a good reputation in the previous companies. It is also important to ensure that the employees have the right skills which they can use for the future growth of the company as a whole.

Aren’t technical skills important?

It is true that employers value technical skills a lot. However, most of the companies are looking for candidates with soft skills. It is definitely necessary for a candidate to have technical skills for the post that he/she is applying for. However, it is more important to have good behavioral skills. It helps in communication. Moreover, having a positive attitude will help improving the overall working environment. Proper training and technical skill development will be easier if there is positive behavior from the employees. Soft skills are important as the rest of the skills required will be built upon it.

What are the soft skills required?

In a company if an employee has skills like communication, leadership, and collaboration, the rest of the required skills like technical and cognitive skills can be built upon it. There are some skills that are rarely discussed and often required in the modern workforce; those are attention, humility, and agility. Given below is a short discussion on why these are so important in the IT industry now.

Humility: In an IT company there are some skills that help to grow. Asking for help and suggestions, admitting your mistakes as well as knowledge, and knowing how to react to difficult situations are some of the skills that are important for an employee to survive in the IT industry today. Moreover, it is also important for the company to hire employees with these skills.

During the interview or if one is a fresher, one should understand how to present oneself before the interviewer. It is good not to show that you are too desperate to get this job or position. However, saying vague things is not appreciable either. You need to know what you are worth and ask for salary and other benefits accordingly.

Agility: It is another skill that a person needs in order to be sure that they survive and succeed in the IT industry. The industry is changing and modifying at a fast pace and you must be ready at all step to adapt to those changes. It will help you to grow along with the company. Moreover, learning skills and acquiring knowledge helps in future growth of the employee also.

By the time you become proficient in any skill, something new will come up to you. And, you need to keep learning and upgrading your skills to be in the competition and to grow. Thus, the IT industry look for agility as a skill in the employees they hire.

Practical knowledge: More than the educational skills of a candidate, it has become more important to consider the practical skills of the candidate. Thus, it is good to do internships and projects after your graduation rather than looking for a job based on the knowledge you acquired from the courses you did.

You should be able to communicate with clients and managers, write letters, and organize events. All these skills are becoming important every day in the IT industry.

Strategic Thinking: It is a skill that only a few of the employees have. It is all about understanding the purpose of the business and working accordingly to improve business situations. Strategic planning helps a business to rise higher and do more than just profits. With proper planning, a company will be able to achieve success and grow big. Thus, employees with strategic thinking are valuable for an organization.

Cultural adaptability is another trait that the IT companies look for in an employee. These days the IT companies are spread across the globe. That is the reason they look for globalized employees. Ability to communicate and work with people of all cultures and languages is a trait that the companies are looking for.

So, it is important for the jobseekers as well as the companies hiring new employees to ensure these traits. It will drive the company and its culture to a positive phase of development.

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