We’re staying with a friend in Portugal for our holidays, and as you do on holiday, you find a bar that you like and go there every night…

Ours is called The Hole in One. It’s typically British, that or it feels like it’s targeted at the British, for one, the name; secondly – it’s a Karaoke bar.

Karaoke – Do I love it or hate it?

Photo by João Marinho on Unsplash

I have a distinct love-hate relationship with karaoke. I love it because I want to sing; I love to sing; I’m not the greatest singer, but it brings me joy, and you all know how I feel about doing things that bring you joy.

I hate it because…well, now I’m writing this; I don’t know why I hate it. I don’t hate it; it’s more the inadequate feelings it brings out in me when I see & hear people singing and how much enjoyment they get out of it.  

And all I can do is, have a two-way conversation with myself, telling myself to get up and sing because it doesn’t matter what people think; you’re on holiday, you won’t see these people again, it’s just a laugh, don’t take it so seriously – my dear reader, you know the thoughts right?

And then she walked in…

Well, it was this karaoke bar where all those thoughts were quickly thrown out of the window by a four-year-old girl. Let’s call her Beatriz*.

Beatriz made her way up to the mini stage, with her Dad, eyes wide with excitement, to sing what I feel is THE most freeing song – Let it Go.

Lesson Number One.

If it lights you up & makes you happy – do it.

She wasn’t worried about other people’s opinions; she wanted to sing her favourite song, so she did. And with arm movements too (you know the part of the song I’m talking about)

So what came next? People in the bar, including me, clapping, with huge smiles and watery eyes because she looked happy, she was enjoying it, and you could tell she loved it.

Lesson Number Two.

When you follow what lights you up, people can see it in you, AND it lights them up.

Later after she’d totally smashed Let it Go and left the crowd in tears, I watched how she embraced her Mum and Dad, then started moving to the music. Her body wanted to move with the music; at times, it was jarring movements, but it didn’t matter; she felt the rhythm and was listening to her body and letting it take over. She was having fun.

Lesson Number Three.

Listen to your body and move it. We only have one body; music & dancing makes you feel good. Think about all those endorphins being released. Dance like nobody’s watching. Shake your thang. Just do it.

This little girl inspired me more than she’ll ever realise; If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have written this.

I haven’t written in months.

Lesson Number Four.

Life lessons can come in all ages, shapes, sizes & situations. Never stop observing, learning or listening. Be open to every learning experience.

I had no idea a four year could teach me so much in such a short space of time.

Inspiration can come anytime, anywhere and from anyone.

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

Did I get up and do karaoke?


Which song?

The Time of my Life (Nobody was putting Jody in the corner)

The outcome?

I was extremely nervous, actual butterflies. 

But the crowd was VERY kind, and once I got through the first verse & chorus, I relaxed and could feel my body wanting to move with the music.  

And I let it.

Beatriz in Latin means ‘brings joy’ *