I know that you will have seen articles, videos, social posts, T-shirts etc… all claiming to know the secrets to success or happiness. That’s NOT what this is (before you close the browser and scoff (understandably) to yourself). No, this is about four steps or practices that are essentially the building blocks of success and if we can abide by them, they will enable us to create whatever we want. They aren’t my steps per se, but simply observable truths of how the universe operates.

The first thing to acknowledge it that the universe does not know the difference between you wanting a sandwich and wanting a million dollars. Nor does it care! It’s all just matter, arranged in various configurations and filtered (essentially) through us. 

The difference between a sandwich and a million dollars (as far as the steps we go through to obtaining them) is only that which we place on them.

Let’s take the former first though, as I’m sure most of you have experienced the acquisition of a sandwich. What’s the first step in the chain of events that culminates in you eating your sandwich? The thought that you want one. This could be derived from a state of hunger, or simply a desire to snack, whatever the case though: the thought came first.

What follows is planning: what sort of sandwich do I want? Have I got Tuna? Is the bread still in date?” etc… This all happens very quickly and almost imperceptibly so. Nevertheless, I’m sure it rings true to you when you cast your mind back. What also happens at this stage, crucially, is that you clear your mind of other thoughts and concerns. You are of a singular mind, laser-like and steadfast in your determination to have a sandwich!

It’s likely that you are also confident in your ability to make said sandwich. You’ve done this a thousand times before after all, and you know what you like. You’re probably building it in your mind, thinking about flavours and textures. You might even start salivating at the prospect of this being your masterpiece!

Next comes the mechanism by which you manifest your sandwich: action!

In order to behold and then consume the bread-encased work of art that you have in your mind, you need to make it. This probably happens so easily and with such deftness, that the process goes by virtually unnoticed. 

You grab what you need out of the fridge. Assemble it. Maybe you grill it. Maybe it’s a sub. Perhaps you fill it with exotic ingredients or maybe even dip it in gravy! The world is your oyster (po boy). 

But before you know it: there it is. Gleaming before you and begging to be eaten. But what really happened here?

The first thing you did on your journey to sandwich satiation, once the thought struck you, was accept and own your power to create it. You understood that you and you alone had the responsibility to make it. It wasn’t even in question that you knew you had the power to make it happen!

The second thing you did was to clear your mind and body of all other priorities in the moment. Once the decision was made, your resources were dedicated to the singular task in hand. 

Then, being committed and on the path to ‘sandwichdom’ you made a mental connection to the future version of yourself that was eating it. So strong was that connection, that you felt a sense of gratitude for the experience. I’m sure you might not describe it as that, but in essence that’s what you felt when you thought about how good it was going to taste, and how it was going to satisfy your appetite. 

Once these stages were reached, the only thing left was to bring the sandwich from your mind into your physical reality. Thanks to your strong connection of gratitude though, those actions became rudimentary. The sandwich was so vivid in your mind that the actions necessary to create it happened instinctually.

I promise you: making a million dollars (or anything else you want) is done the exact same way. In fact, it is done no other way!

  • Accept – You are the sole architect of your life and reality. You have the power within you to create whatever you desire. Claim that power and know that it is there. 
  • Clear – Rid yourself of distraction and doubt. Remove energetic blocks like fear or doubt, and bring your mind back to the present moment. 
  • Connect through gratitude – Really envision your desired outcome as having been achieved. Picture your life as though it’s already one and you are simply spending a day in the life as someone who has succeeded in whatever endeavour you have in mind. Feel it! Hold on to those feelings and notice what they do to you physically. 
  • Stay aware – Maintaining a connection with where you’re at in the present and not allowing yourself to project your energy/consciousness 

If you want success, you need mastery of your experience by way of your choices. When you give away your power through blaming situations, the foolishness of political leaders or whatever; you give up your mastery. 

If your success is based on an exterior force, you no longer have mastery of your own experience.

The universe and the laws that govern it are a constant. If you want success in any area; you just need to align yourself with those governing laws by consciously choosing actions that move you towards that outcome. Do that via the four steps I’ve outlined, and you will get there.