A divorce is a process that can have the possibility to change a family’s life for the better (especially if you work with an experienced and empathetic divorce attorney). While it is very common for most people to view divorces as difficult and dreadful, some couples manage to have positive divorce outcomes.  No one said divorces have to be tumultuous. In my experience as a top rated divorce lawyer working in Bergen County and Monmouth County New Jersey, below are some ways that I have witnessed clients experience the positive effects of a divorce.

Creating A Happier Household

Through eliminating constant arguing and negative vibes, you can cultivate a happier, more positive environment in your home. Your ex-spouse may have been pessimistic, emotional, or just an unhappy person. Now that you are no longer married to that person, you are not obligated to foster that type of energy. Whether you live by yourself, or it’s just you and the kids – you will soon discover that you can be a much happier person, if you cultivate that kind of environment. 

Improving Your Physical Health

It’s not a secret that negative energy not only weakens your spirit, but it can deteriorate your physical body too. Being around a grouchy and mean person can cause you to become tired, experience headaches, and elevate stress. Stress is a common factor in many diseases and illnesses. Removing a negative person from your daily environment may offer you the opportunity to feel better – both physically and emotionally. 

More Freedom

If you have been married to your spouse for several years, then you may already realize the freedom that comes as a direct result of getting a divorce. You understand that you are only responsible for your well-being (and your children’s well-being, if you have them). As a divorced person, you have free reign over your time and how you choose to spend it. For many divorced couples, this is one of the most important and desirable factors of getting divorced – having your time and freedom back. 

You Can Pursue YOUR Dreams

With your newfound time and freedom, you can now explore your gifts and talents. In addition to that, you also have the time to become curious and pursue your dreams. This is not to say that you aren’t able to do these things while you’re married – but, it might be more difficult. On your days off, you can explore enrolling in courses that peak your interest, earning certificates, or learn how to code, ski, or garden (just a few examples). 

All in all, there are positive effects of getting a divorce. Every divorce does not have to have a negative connotation attached to it. Your marriage may have ended, but you can still experience life to the fullest afterwards. 


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