Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Capture the moments before they’re gone

Most people have families and if you are among them, you may have done it before. You take a peek at your kids and think that they’re getting so grown and the time has flown by. You might have the thought that you need to have a family portrait taken before they leave for college. The thing is, the next milestone goes by, and the next one, and before you know it, they have flown the nest and no portrait has been done! Here are just a few reasons you should have your family portrait done  — sooner rather than later.

Recording Those Precious Moments

Families aren’t ever the same. They tend to change and grow with each passing year. Sometimes they include four-legged family members, and in other families, they don’t. If you have a beloved pet in the family, when you get your family portrait done, you can also have pet portraits done – or combine them and have the pet in the portrait with the rest of the family.

They’re Fun
Some people might dread family portraits. They might think that they need to all be crammed in a tiny room and in front of a photographer who looks like they should still be in high school with your kids. It doesn’t need to be that way though. With the right photographer, you can allow the family to be themselves – whether they’re indoors, outdoors, or in some special location. You might even love the portrait so much that you’ll compare the photo to oil painting and decide to have a painting of it commissioned.

Get the Entire Family Involved

Most people tend to take a lot of selfies these days. That’s great for some occasions, but how can you possibly get the entire family in a selfie that will be good enough to hang on the wall in the living room? So, get the family together and tell them something they might or might not want to hear – that you’re all going to get a family portrait done. Who knows? They might be surprised at the fun they’ll have!

They’re an Investment

Face it, professional photography services will always be more expensive than amateurs. There’s a good reason for it. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Investing in quality portraits, be they indoor or outdoor portraits, or anything else, you’re essentially investing in something that will last for a lifetime and longer. The second it’s created, it has value and will become more valuable – sentimentally – with each year that goes by. Most portrait studios will offer a variety of plans for a variety of budgets and some even offer payment plans. Most of us tend to spend a lot of money on things that don’t matter or that have no value, but then we fail to invest in what matters the most.

In short, don’t make the common mistake of having the opinion that family portraits are just not worth the money. There isn’t a better expenditure than this one and it will serve as a keepsake for the family that can be passed down through the generations.