The number eight symbolizes harmony, peace, and balance. In a spiritual sense, eight is considered a number of hope, embarking new horizons, and experiencing a brighter future. As we enter August, the eighth month of the year, I’d like to encourage you to embrace new beginnings. This could mean exploring a new career, moving to a different state, finding love, or ultimately, ending your marriage. New beginnings take on various forms. In my time as a Bergen County, New Jersey divorce attorney and family lawyer, here are four ways I have seen clients thrive.

Appreciate the Present

Always live in the moment, but plan for the future. Being grateful for where you are in life will open the door for many other blessings and opportunities to find you. Learn to appreciate the present moment, while simultaneously anticipating new beginnings.

Jump Right In

New beginnings can be exciting, fulfilling, and provide an opportunity for change. Starting fresh also requires you to let go of the past. For some, this can be difficult. It can result in procrastination, second-guessing, or the refusal to start fresh altogether. That’s why it’s important to just jump right in! Accept whatever negative feelings you will experience and allow them to flow through you. Second-guessing and procrastination will only allow you to remain stuck in your current position in life.

Go With the Flow

In certain life situations, your emotions will ebb and flow. One day, you will feel 100% confident about embracing your new beginning, and some days you will doubt yourself. You may wonder, “Is a divorce really what I need right now?,” or “Is this the best move for me?” Again, the self-doubt will inevitably creep in. When it does, you have to acknowledge it and allow those emotions to pass through. Immediately think of the positive changes that will occur once you are open to embracing new beginnings.

Be Mindful Of Whom You Open Up To

When embarking on anything new in your life, it’s always best to seek wise counsel. Someone that’s close to you may not always know what is best for you. By all means, thoroughly observe people within your circle. Your friend(s) may be close with the person you’re married to, and when they discover that you plan to get a divorce, it could get back to your spouse (before YOU had a chance to tell them). You should first take some time alone to think about letting go of the past, before fully deciding if this is the right move for you. Then, speak with your spouse in total transparency. Let them know why you are seeking a new beginning with the divorce and listen to the response. Never vent to outsiders before speaking with your spouse, and always be mindful of whom you choose to open up to.

In closing, starting something new can bring about excitement and the opportunity for change – however, it requires you to close the door to your current life. This month, I encourage you to fearlessly step out into the unknown and embrace change. Every ending always has a new beginning.


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