Entrepreneurs are, by nature, passionate and driven. But with time or through hardships in life, that innate sense of motivation could start to fade. Eventually, every entrepreneur hits that point where they just become physically or mentally exhausted that it’s difficult to see the vision they initially set out to achieve. Here are four ways you can jumpstart the motivation back:

Validate Your Idea

Although valuing what you do is essential in entrepreneurship, it’s equally important for others to understand that value. You need someone besides yourself to validate your business idea. Show your family, friends, coworkers, and other reliable entrepreneurs and use the feedback to motivate you to pursue your business idea and modify it as needed.

Remember Why You Decided to Become an Entrepreneur

Why did you become an entrepreneur in the first place? When times are tough, all you can see is how difficult your life is compared to other full-time professionals. You begin to question your chosen career path as you envy the stability and relatively low risk that full-time day jobs provide. Recall the reasons you became an entrepreneur, whether it’s the creative freedom, the idea of not having to work for anyone else, or the potential utility that your business can bring to the world.

Read Other Entrepreneurs’ Stories

There are thousands of fantastic success stories of entrepreneurs who have weathered challenges of varying magnitude to succeed in their ventures. Find a story that you can identify with and learn from.

Take Care of Yourself

While this may not directly result in improved entrepreneurial motivation, taking care of yourself helps you keep a healthy mindset conducive to staying motivated. When you are physically and mentally well, you experience lower levels of stress and mood swings. Maintain a well-balanced diet, perform regular exercise, and carve out time for personal self-checks.

Motivation isn’t something you have; it’s something you must build for yourself. Use the tips above to find motivation and achieve a more satisfying life as an entrepreneur.