Everyone has periods when it’s incredibly difficult to make themselves sit down to work and focus on the task at hand. Imagine what it’s like for famous business people where their procrastination can cost companies millions of dollars! That’s why all successful people have so-called ‘productivity rituals.’ Rituals of personal productivity are the process of forming good habits of a resourceful state to complete tasks in an optimised way to achieve goals and get the job done with maximum efficiency. Famous business people have searched for these great tips by trial and error. However, fortunately, you can just train at the Academy and learn how to increase productivity tenfold.

The Alex Reinhardt Academy, an educational platform specialising in online business training, has compiled four useful habits of legendary billionaires that you too can incorporate into your life to become more productive.

Habit #1. Jeff Bezos and the “two-pizza rule”

Anyone who has worked in an office for at least a week knows how exhausting meetings are. What’s more – they eat up a lot of time that both you and your employees could be spending on work tasks! The founder and CEO of global giant Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has long concluded that meetings are useless. However, it’s impossible to do without meetings altogether, so Jeff found another way to stop wasting time. He simply limits the number of people participating in the meeting.

After all, the fewer people participate, the sooner they finish discussing all the issues and speaking up and get back to work. The optimal number of people in a meeting, according to Bezos, is 6-8 people maximum. That’s how many people could theoretically eat two large pizzas and not go hungry. Hence the name the “two pizzas rule!”

Of course, this rule is not easy to implement in your life unless you are a manager. However, if you are a team leader, try out this rule as an experiment, and you’ll see it will make your team significantly more productive!

Habit #2. Dustin Moskovitz and the day of free planning

Dustin Moskovitz, the head of Asana, carries out many routine tasks daily. However, they are very much interfered with by business meetings and the very same meetings which, like Bezos, Moskovitsh also dislikes. That’s why he officially declared Wednesday a “no-meeting day” at Asana. On Wednesdays, there are no meetings, and employees are not supposed to be disturbed in any way. Instead, they are performing their primary and essential tasks without any distractions.

It’s a rule you can apply too! You may not be able to dedicate a whole day to calm and monotonous work in today’s world, but you can allot three to four hours to it. Try to allocate all small but energy-consuming tasks to a certain day of the week. Then, do them promptly.

Habit #3. Alex Reinhardt and morning rituals

Alex Reinhardt, the founder of the eponymous Alex Reinhardt Academy, venture capitalist and businessman, who has successfully launched more than ten IT and Fintech projects, believes that a properly spent morning determines the success of the whole day! So his main rule is to get up no later than eight in the morning. During breakfast, Alex views educational and training videos from various academies on YouTube and other platforms. Next, he always goes to the gym, where he spends at least half an hour. Only after that does Alex move on to dealing with work-related issues. Moreover, Alex Reinhardt tries to hold all his business meetings at lunchtime to combine work with a meal, rather than setting aside a separate meeting time.

You can replace going to the gym with meditation. However, according to scientific studies, physical activity in the first half of the day is the key to keeping your body in shape. This way, you store up all your resources and get rid of any tension that can distract you during the day.

Habit #4. Richard Branson and the notepad

In an interview with CNN, Virgin founder Richard Branson said that 99% of people he knows don’t take notes while working and therefore miss out on a lot of useful information, ideas and opportunities. Branson said he always carries a small notebook with a pen in his jacket or trouser pocket where he jots down everything that interests him. Greek entrepreneur Aristotle Onassis, whose quote still lives on the Internet, followed the same principle. He used to say: “Write down everything you can. That’s the million-dollar lesson they don’t teach you in business school.”

You have to take notes on paper, not on your smartphone! Our brains absorb information written down by hand better. Additionally, such a medium is sure not to erase and not to get lost. Also, note down any useful information or insights that come to you during your day. This could be anything from a potential business proposal to a new colleague’s phone number.

All these habits help set the mood for productivity. But you can learn to stay productive all the time, rather than trying to channel that energy over and over again! Do you wonder how? Well, the easiest way is through the Alex Reinhardt Academy, where you’ll find courses dedicated to the development of essential business skills along with online business training. Productivity, planning and emotional intelligence are also among them! The Academy will also help you develop even more useful habits and at the same time eradicate the old and destructive ones. After all, if you dream of a successful career and business, first you must learn how to live and work as a successful person!

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