Based in Italy, 25-year old digital entrepreneur and marketer Francesco Riviera is an avid believer in the infinite mental powers of humans. It has nothing to do with intellect and other technical skills; instead, it relates to the ability to see clearly, put all the parts of a problem together, find solutions, and set goals. He got an Accounting degree and mentorship from prominent coaches, but what counted more was what he was planning to do with this knowledge. His family always encouraged him to try hard and do his best, so this is what he did, recognizing his knack for computers, technology, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, and marketing. He was gradually developing into a driven, globe-trotting businessman, willing to explore the trends and come up with projects people would love to fund. Already known as the “GIF King,” the guy who posts on Instagram fun personalized GIFs appealing to famous artists and brands, he decided to step it up and create his own communications agency at just 20. It soon appeared that this kid was not ready to rest on his laurels, rather he wanted to push the boundaries.     

It’s not easy to claim global attention, but he aimed high, and it paid off. Francesco started with his well-designed Stories but soon matured into an insightful businessman, agent, and coach himself. He now wants to inspire more people to expand their mental scope, break the rules, and reach new goals, even ones that seem to a greater audience relatively unrealistic. Social media are tools that reach targeted audiences in a far more effective way than the traditional ones. He only had to study people’s mindsets to develop himself one that is not based on fear of not making it. His new course, “Drop Evolution,” is just the first in a long series of videos telling people that the sky is the limit once you are passionate about something. You can’t get six figures from day one, yet you can get where you want to be way faster than you are expecting. Our interconnected world can promote ideas and products like never before. Still, you have to set your mind to it and strategize. Francesco’s successful marketing campaigns are all created by experts, which means that you also need to appreciate other people’s skills and mental powers. You can’t do it all on your own.     

Above all, people need to plan their business around something that gives them satisfaction. The money will follow. Reinvesting every single penny from the money he was initially earning, Francesco showed that he valued happiness over finances, the excitement about his projects. Through trial and error, he redefined goals and kept on dreaming. Inspired by the likes of Steve Jobs, Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and Dan Kennedy, he raises the bar higher and higher. Francesco’s #nolimits philosophy is not totally unrealistic. The final goal might sound far-fetched, yet he is breaking it down into smaller ones or milestones. He often rewards himself for every little achievement in between so that he stays motivated. Everyday obstacles should be seen as games to be won, not as penalties. There are still many more goals ahead, and you can’t be discouraged by failures.

His team shares the same victorious mindset, standing away from the negativity that dominates the world. We need to dream big; this is how we thrive and survive. These people believe in the agency and are enthusiastic about the projects. Francesco believes that as long as you bring value to a client, they will stay loyal. He would never waste energy in creating a useless service. In the early stages of his business, he missed some opportunities because he thought he knew it all; now, he has trained himself to be listening to others and value their opinions accordingly.

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