Francisco Chavez, an immigrant from Mexico, believes “a 100% in his product.” He provides financial educational services to people for them to achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom is sought after everyday by people in the world. The capacity to be independent from your paycheck, or to be able to take liberties with your money and use it for more than just to cover your necessities. 

However, to achieve financial freedom is tough. It requires lots of effort and time, and also financial literacy. There are many components of the financial world that people are not aware of: loans, credit, debt, bills, interest rates, and so on and so forth. 

Financial Education Services (FES) is a company that can help you understand the financial world better, in order to capitalize on what you have and get closer to your goals. 

“I got tired of living paycheck to paycheck, which is what is happening in the U.S. Today people are trapped in a rat race…” he says.

Francisco got involved in the credit business in order to achieve financial freedom and to help as many people as possible to achieve their dream. 

Through FES, he was able to become an expert on financial services, and is now able to provide support in credit restoration, savings, building wealth, and more

Nowadays, Francisco is proud to be a part of FES: 

“Credit restoration is what we do. We obtain your credit report, and help you dispute every obsolete, inaccurate or unverifiable item on your report with all the credit reporting agencies at once!” He shares.

Motivated by the struggles his family had to go through to migrate to the United States, Francisco was determined to help his parents. 

“I don’t want to see my mom and dad working for the rest of their life. I see my mom stressing out a lot because of the money. I don’t want them to worry anymore. They looked out for us, and now I want to look out for them,” he says.

For Francisco, when getting involved in financial education or in the financial world altogether, mindset is important. Specifically, “Having a growth mindset is key to success. Hard work, effort and persistence are all important but not as important as having that underlying belief that you are in control of your own destiny.” And of course, you can only be in control of your own destiny if you are in control of your income and aware of your financial status. 

It was important for Francisco, as he joined the financial business, to know himself. Not just his “true motivation level”, but also technical aspects such as: “the amount of money you are willing to risk or what you are willing to do to be successful, how many hours a week you are able to work on an ongoing basis, or how far out of your comfort zone you are willing to go.”

Now that Francisco is part of the financial world, he is happy to provide his clients with the knowledge they need to take the reins of their life. For him, success is helping his clients achieve financial success. 

“If my clients are able to have options and enjoy a happier life after working with me, then I see myself as a success,” he says.

Francisco believes in FES, and he believes in the service he provides. Not only did FES help him improve his own financial stability and help him achieve financial success, but it also helped him overcome personal struggles, such as a breakup and the hardships of his family. That is what he wants for his clients, to be able to overcome whatever they face through financial literacy and success.