Born in Los Angeles, CA, Frankie Vegas was raised in the entertainment industry by her legendary Native American father Pat Vegas of Redbone, and Italian mother Acela. Writing for most of her life, Frankie first gained recognition at 16 years old winning Editors Choice for “Best Poem” from the National Library of Poetry. She continued this path, and also took to acting and modeling at a young age. Frankie knew her purpose was far greater than the average path and wanted to help heal the world in any way that she could. She studied the science of Hypnotherapy in college and became certified as a Hypnotherapist to assist in healing others through their subconscious minds. 

Still, the entertainment industry continued to call and she took a position with Wu-Tang Clan’s record label “Wu Music Group” as Media Marketing Director working under Divine and RZA. Her credits include assisting in the development of the A Better Tomorrow album, maintaining the socials, as well as creating and writing the Wu Music Blog interviewing artists and daily news. After two years in that position, Wu and Frankie parted ways amicably. Frankie created her own Marketing company and did very well until deciding this was not her path any longer. This gave Frankie a chance to focus more on writing, and creating her very own spiritual brand! Currently, Frankie has written several forewords for critically acclaimed books on the history of Redbone, and is working on her first Children’s book series titled “The Imagination Series”. Introducing kids to spirituality in a non-aggressive way by sharing her own experiences with spirituality and focusing more on the belief that anything is possible.

More recently, In 2020, Frankie began developing WHO’S FRANKIE! A high-end spiritual brand that caters to the question we all have throughout life. Who am I? WHO’S FRANKIE represents who we are in our purest form, without judgment on appearance, race, gender, upbringing, etc. It reflects who we are at our core…we are all souls we are all the same. She wanted to create a spiritual safe space for people to find the tools they need to heal themselves. Officially launching the company in January 2021, the business has already taken off. WHO’S FRANKIE is a company where you can trust the source, authenticity, and energy of every product. Frankie creates and or curates every product. Frankie is inspired every day to promote the importance of wellness and spirituality through her products as well as in her daily life. 

We had the opportunity to finally speak with Frankie and dive deep into WHO’S FRANKIE is not only as a company but as a person and an outlet for spirituality. Frankie dove into how she made the transition from entertainment to spirituality and what mental health means to her. Her journey is not only inspiring to others but also her company works to make changes for the greater good. 

Was it difficult to transition from the entertainment industry to focus your life on spirituality and your brand?

A: Not really because it’s all a part of who I am! I love entertainment and always will! Something about it will always excite me. It’s all passion and evoking emotion from people. Which the path of healing does too. Spirituality and healing others are my core. It’s where I belong, and I am here to do that in any and as many ways that I can.

What is the main message behind your brand WHO’S FRANKIE?

WHO’S FRANKIE embodies the question we all ask ourselves throughout life… Who am I? We search and search for the answer, and some sort of physical validation. Although, if you strip away ego, judgment, our upbringing, and this body we call home, it represents who we are at our core.
We are all souls, we are all the same.
I wanted to create a spiritual safe space where no matter what you look like, your gender, where you come from.. you will be able to find high-quality, authentic, and genuine tools to help heal yourself. In order to heal the world, we must heal ourselves first. I am merely a conduit for this, and I am thrilled to do it.

How does your culture influence your brand and your own personal wellness and spirituality goals?

I believe my culture is very influential to me. I am a proud Native American and Italian. Both cultures are very strong in faith and trusting the universe to give you everything you need and protect you from anything you don’t. I try to incorporate and honor both of my cultures. Some of my products are influenced by my native traditions, HANDMADE specifically within the Indigenous community, by indigenous peoples. Straight from the source to your hands. The authenticity lies there. It’s about respecting your culture while also trying to elevate it and bring more eyes to such beautiful beliefs and traditions. Which my father did a great job of in the music industry. I feel that healing is something that should be shared with the world, no matter where it comes from. But pay respect where respect is due, and support your people. That is where my brand differentiates from others.

You’re also a writer, can you tell us more about your children’s book series and how it ties into wellness and spirituality?

Yes! This is a project I’m VERY excited about! This is something I’ve been passionate about since I was 7 years old. I have always had a special bond with children, their purity and glowing outlook on the world. I chose to write this children’s book series to inspire the next generation before they become jaded with a world of self-doubt and limitations. Forced to live inside a box and be anything but a dreamer. But to me, the dreamers are the inventors, the doers, and the ones who create change! I am here to speak to these kids while they are still open to the magic of it all. My book age range is anywhere from birth to about 10/11 years old. Titled “The Imagination Series” it will be a total of 7 books! 3 of which I have already written! Fun nursery rhyme style (reminiscent of Dr. Seuss) which touches base on my own spiritual experiences. I want children to believe in themselves, that anything is possible and nothing is out of reach. Including things that touch a bit deeper into the spiritual/ethereal realm. I can’t wait for you all to enjoy it. I’m looking to release the first book by the end of the year. I’ll make sure to get Thrive a couple of copies once they are published!

Can you tell us more about your experiences as a hypnotherapist? Is this something you do a lot?

My experience with Hypnotherapy was life-changing in so many ways! I learned a lot about myself and others! How to conquer fears and phobias, transmute addictions and habits, and rewire the subconscious mind. I believe I incorporate the healing modalities I’ve learned into everyday life. I’m not currently practicing due to my focus on the Children’s book series and WHO’S FRANKIE but after college seeing clients was a true joy.

When working with clients for Hypnotherapy what is your goal?

When I was working with clients my goal is to create a routine in their life they are happy about. Whatever the case may be I am there to listen and help them heal. Except that the level they are healing on is one that cannot be reached without help. The subconscious is a beautiful, yet tricky part of ourselves where so much of what we do and feel on a daily basis lives. It’s an incredible experience and something I would recommend to everyone to try.

How would you define wellness and what inspired your interest in wellness?

Wellness to me is defined as authenticity. When you are authentically yourself, whatever that means to you… true happiness follows! I know very well that life isn’t all peaches and can be very overwhelming, but remembering to be present, to breathe, and live in a state of gratitude regardless of your surroundings will ultimately bring more blessings.

As far as inspiration I feel like a higher calling has inspired me, along with the universal love of my parents and family.

How do you practice wellness in your daily life?

I try to meditate every day, ground myself on the earth, by touching it, basking in the sunlight and or wind. I breathe and try to not let the stresses in my life get the best of me. I battled with severe anxiety for the last 4 years and finally have reached the tail end of it, and those practices have helped me immensely. My goal every day is to laugh, feel grateful and be happy.

What are some of your favorite products that you sell?

I have so many favorites, all embedded with the highest vibrations! We just launched our WHO’S FRANKIE Single Soak bath salts! Which are incredible! All handmade with organic Epsom salt, fresh dried herbs, pure Essential Oils, and sacred healing energy. They create an experience of optimal healing and cleansing through water and bathing. A must-have! Also touching back on the products supporting and created by my indigenous communities, I have launched our authentically hand-harvested with prayer and earth offerings, Lavender Sage Bundles. With all proper respects for the act of smudging and my people. Showing and teaching people the right way to honor this sacred cleansing herb. We also have some super high-energy crystals available, truly divine! All available on our website at

What are some healthy lifestyle recommendations or tips would you give to someone?

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, I want to say that happiness looks different to me every day. I am continuously evolving and changing and what may have made me happy yesterday might not today. That’s one piece of advice I give to everyone. Don’t be married to an “idea” of what happiness looks like.. go day by day, moment by moment because in an instant your views and life can change. You just have to roll with what life throws at you, and maybe learn to be quick on your feet and bounce back! Strength is key, find everyday habits that build your strength on all levels! Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

What is something people may not know about you?

People may not know that I am a major foodie! haha I adore exploring new restaurants and cuisines, along with watching cooking shows like chopped, etc. A slight obsession!