Pandemic, a few extra and all those layers

Ready, set, go! We’ve just been given the go-ahead to show our faces again in public. That must mean that we’re on our way to some sort of – what should we call it? Is normal the right word? Ok – we can call it that for now although in my opinion that ship has sailed.

Fantastic news all around. Freedom as some would say. But a troubling thought ran through my mind. It appeared or shall we say, it reared its ugly head just yesterday. As I was congratulating a friend on her daughter’s upcoming graduation she was worrying about finding something to wear. You see, like so many of us, the pandemic led to a few extras – extras that come in the form of pounds.

All I could envision was the amount of shapewear that she would be struggling into to hide those extras. I’ve actually seen someone double the amount of those supposedly tightening, slimming and unbreathable garments. How many layers does one need to wear to be able to be seen in public!

And then it came to me – the ridiculously unfairness of it all. When a man gains a few extra pounds, he’ll either loosen his belt or buy a size larger. A woman will either struggle to fit into what she has or look to buy some new garment. Either way, you can be assured that the shapewear will be part of the outfit. Because no matter what, she’ll look in the mirror and just see the extra.

Now I’m not saying all women think like this. I will agree that there are those brave souls who will embrace it (but will probably go on a mission to lose it). I understand caring about how we look and being able to look in the mirror and like who we see. But ladies, come on. Do we really need to walk around without the ability to breadth or sit down or heaven forbid…be able to pee!

So let’s give ourselves a break. Make a resolution to break the routine of pandemic eating and not go crazy. Get a size larger, put on something that does a little hiding, maybe a little looser but for our own sakes – ditch the layers of shapewear!