Now there is nothing more fun than having friends over to hang or hosting game night. The problem is deciding what to do or what game to play when everyone is there. Without a plan everyone will resort to going on there phones and keep checking to see whether someone has texted them, so it’s a good thing there is a new and hilarious game that is sure to make everyone forget their phones.

Freedom of Speech ( created by Nico Muoio ) is a simple game, but one which has a big effect of raising the spirits and laughter of the people at parties. To begin, you and your friends need to separate yourselves into two teams and sit down in a circle so everyone can see everyone else. Every other player will be on a team together. You can decide which team goes first with a game of rock paper scissors. Whoever wins gets picks up a card from the deck and then tries to have his or her teammates guess what is on the card.

The clues the player provides, however, cannot state the word or phrase, point to it, or motion to act out the card. While this is happening, an electronic timer beeps faster and faster as the player tries to describe the card before their 60 seconds run out. The result is hilariously hectic and crazy, especially since these card are ones you don’t wanna say around Mom and Dad. (Our personal favorites from the 400 card deck are Dog poop landmines, Camel toe, Booty Call, and Horny Grandma)

After the timer runs out or the payer’s team guesses the card, the turn rotates counterclockwise to the person on the left of the previous player, so the next team gets to try to guess a card as well. This continues until one team gets 21 cards, which wins them the game.

So go check out Freedom of Speech here on their website and make all your game nights crazy fun.


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