If you are a freelance writer, you will know that some days go swimmingly, and other days writing can feel like a chore.

Even something that you truly love can become wearisome when you are doing it professionally day in and day out. So how you you make sure that you don’t lose the passion? How do you make sure you stay inspired?

As a writer who has worked freelance for over ten years, I thought I’d share some of my top tips to feel inspired:

Write About What You Love

Some freelance writers write about anything and everything to pay the bills. But the most inspired freelance writers are those who find their own niche, and write about what they love.

I largely write about permaculture and sustainability – on my own personal crusade to save the planet – changing one mind at a time. Because I love what I write about, I find it easy to feel inspired.

My writing work is an extension to my work designing sustainable gardens, and helping people create sustainable change through consultancy work.

Your own passions and interests should be reflected in your writing work. You’ll write with more verve and conviction when you are writing about something you really care about. And since you’ll know your stuff, you will probably be able to create better quality content too.

Use Those Tools!

One thing I have realized during my long writing career: Tools do help! Those can be all kins of tools, from to-do lists to Grammar checkers. As long as they make your life easier, you free time for creativity and inspiration.

I have my own favorite tools but there’s never one collection that fits all needs, so pick your own. I do love experimenting with content creation tools, from various meme generators to outliner apps as these offer a different perspective on just about any topic I have to write on.

Know When To Let Go

Step – away – from – that – keyboard! As a freelance writer I know how easy it can be to get absorbed and forget to take breaks as often as we should. But all work and no play really can lead to a drop in quality – and of course to a lower mood.

Make sure you take frequent breaks – and don’t just grab a quick coffee or tea before getting back to work – get outdoors, breathe some fresh air, get some exercise. Make sure you retain that all-important work/life balance.

I have clear ‘work hours’ each day, and make sure I close my laptop and have a clear division between work and leisure time when the working day is done.

For me, taking a break also means taking a walk with my dog, and spending plenty of time in my garden – growing my fruits, vegetables and herbs and tending our rescue chickens.

Connect with Nature

When you are a creative person, or work in a creative industry, whatever that might be, creativity is important. There is one way better than any other I know to feel inspired and get those creative juices flowing.

And that is simple. Just spend some time away from screens, in the natural world. Wherever you live, make sure you embrace nature, and spend plenty of time outdoors, really looking, really listening, engaging all the senses. Whether it is in your own backyard, or further afield, nature’s wonders really are the most inspiring thing of all.

A spot of nature bathing, bird watching, a tranquil walk, a bike ride or a high adrenaline outdoor activity that really gets the blood pumping – all these can work wonders.  It does not matter what you do, as long as you really make the effort to connect with nature and let it calm and inspire you.

Even a short time spent outdoors each day really can help you feel inspired.