His drinking was worse than it had ever been which lead to blackouts that didn’t last for hours or days but weeks at a time and he couldn’t recall anything that happened. Things kept spiralling as Robbs violence got so bad he stabbed his wife three times because she would not let him drink. His behaviour had escalated beyond his wildest imagination. 

But on the outside Robs life looked like we dream. He was a successful doctor earning over 250K per year. He lived in a million-dollar house with his beautiful wife and drove a Porsche 911. 

As time passed this dream lifestyle crumbled and slipped through his bands. One by one his friends, wife and kids all walked away. He was completely abandoned and even lost his doctors licence. After 6 months in a downwards drunken haze, he found himself homeless sleeping under bush shelters. 

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Even though Robb was at his lowest he still managed to get to a 12 step meeting and find a sponsor. Then rob discovered he wasn’t on his own and he had a disease, a terminal illness and he could make a daily reprieve. He worked the program and through each of the 12 steps whilst going to meetings. 

On top of the 12 steps, Robb also developed a strong routine he does every day. He starts by praying to the universe and calls his sponsors and sponsees. He also does mirror work where he says I love you 10 times while looking in the mirror. This helps him work on and raise his self-worth.

Ultimately Robb has come a long way since he was sleeping rough. He now lives in a million-dollar house in texas with his beautiful wife, their 4 dogs and 3 cats. They both have nice cars and Robb likes to keep 1 million dollars in cash. I don’t tell you this to impress you but to impress upon you that it is possible to go from the bottom to the top. 

Every day Robb works on never forgetting where he comes from. He does this by helping clients overcome their addiction. For example, even if he is about to go to bed and a sponsee calls, he will still take the call and help where he can. He has done the inner work that counts and said that even if all the external trappings were taken way he would still be happy, joyous and free. 

Robb explains the three core concepts that keep most of us addicts stuck in addiction. He describes them as fear, abandonment and shame. Throughout the podcast we dive deep into each one and how Robbs work helps clients reprogram there mind and why he gets a 95% success rate whereas rehabs are lucky to get above 5%. 

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