A former tech executive turned coach, Silvia Madrigal, shares how she stepped into her purpose and transformed her life to prosper in health, lifestyle, relationships, creativity, and personal mastery too.

I met Silvia Madrigal at a Virtual Gratitude Experience I hosted during the craziest year of my life. I was intrigued about her abundance mindset and her coaching to help grow my business and transform limiting beliefs. Silvia has worked with executives globally and built businesses from scratch to eight-figures, as well as expanded multi-billion-dollar companies exponentially. She walked through my front Zoom door, and I was immediately enthralled.

Chris Schembra:  What led you to transform your career so boldly?

Silvia Madrigal:  For years, I was traveling all over the world building businesses in new countries. I got to explore the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East and do business with the most amazing visionary entrepreneurs. It was fun, and it was my dream. I experienced a successful IPO, enjoyed multi-cultural cuisines, and had the craziest agenda. I was that person who took 10 international flights in a month and had no time for self-care or for maintaining relationships. This took a toll on my health and I began to experience a burnout that prompted me to learn how to experience success on my own terms. 

Chris Schembra:  How did you turn your life around?

Silvia Madrigal:  I urgently listened to my body, reduced my trips, started taking vacation, began meditating, and worked with a nutritionist and many other holistic practitioners. The healing journey was quite extensive, yet brought many rewards. My body was absolutely depleted to the point that my doctor told me it was borrowing energy from other organs to survive. I now make my own schedule with my coaching practice and live the La Jolla lifestyle in California. I love wearing flip-flops, walking on the beach, having time to be, following my heart, and living my life purpose. 

Chris Schembra:  What would you say are the biggest lessons from burning out?

Silvia Madrigal: I learned that my drive had a lot to do with limiting beliefs around pleasing my dad to feel loved, and that overworking was an unconscious behavior to mask fears. I also learned that a burnout is a soul’s attempt to redirect us to our purpose. I already had tremendous traditional education but decided there was more to life than the way I was approaching business and started studying about the power of the mind, conscious leadership, and subconscious reprogramming. My discoveries, coupled with a lot more fun and rest, enabled me to unlock what I believe to be the most powerful technology ever created: super consciousness and our inner knowing within.   

Chris Schembra:  Is it a matter of channeling energy to the areas in life where you want to create abundance? How do you do that? 

Silvia Madrigal: Since most of what we create in life comes from our subconscious beliefs, I reprogrammed the limiting beliefs that had me stuck and found my true calling along the way. I believe we can be on purpose, thrive, unlock our highest potential, and be abundant at the same time. By virtue of our divinity, we are all powerful and sovereign beings with the ability to change the world for the better. We just have to believe it. I am on a mission to help people shift from a mindset of scarcity into abundance. Our thoughts create our reality, and our hearts help us tap into universal consciousness to guide us towards our highest outcome. 

Chris Schembra:  Do you have any tips for people to thrive?                       

Yes. Thriving is an inside job. We have to do the inner work to live in a state of joy. You can’t force yourself to “achieve”, that’s limiting ego. It has to come from your heart. That is what guides your purpose. Courage is a starting point to reach this level of empowerment. In the map of consciousness from Dr. David Hawkins, ranging from 1 to 1,000, where 100 is the level of fear, 200 is courage, and 500 is love, anything below 200 is about “will-power” or force, and above that is divine power. I am more likely to burnout if I am forcing life. Psychoanalysis terms emotions under 200 as limitations that blind us to the reality of our true Self. After 200 I have the courage to live more authentically and integral to my inner truth. Life gets lighter, freer, effortless, limitless, more abundant, and extraordinary gifts emerge from living in alignment with empowering consciousness. 

Chris Schembra:  I’m curious, how can one leader’s inner work create a massive impact in our society? 

Solid inner work leads to outer work that affects the world on a multitude of levels. Dr. Hawkins, in his book The Map of Consciousness Explained, says that one individual at the level of love (500) counterbalances the negativity of 750,000 individuals below 200. That energy and excitement can spread to the corners of the globe in ways you never expected, very much like the impact you see from your Gratitude meals. 

Because the human mind is like a computer terminal connected to a giant database, and the database is omniversal consciousness itself, aka the realm of genius, the higher we go in the scale, the more we can tap into the well of inspiration of greater intelligence. Businesses with a vision that benefits the greater good can be more successful. We are seeing this with the growth of shared economies. Collaborative business models between groups and organizations can truly accelerate abundance for everyone. This shift in perspective from self-serving to community-serving comes from these conscious leaders that work on their self-growth as much as their companies’ growth. On a larger scale, this is birthing a whole new paradigm, which is part of the evolutionary shift we just made into the age of Aquarius.