Social media has become a part of our lives. People who communicate via social media are connected with the outside world and they have a voice to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas.

As the world goes digital, it has become easier to showcase one’s talent or skills to the masses. Video sharing platforms like YouTube and Instagram have allowed people to catch the attention of their desired audience with ease.

Today we are here to talk about a new rising social media star – Emre Ucar, famously known as Emreezy.

Started off as an E-sports professional, Emreezy now rules the social media world by his amazing content. He has earned his fame through hard work and perseverance. He entered this field at the age of 13. He has had success after success, and he has had to overcome many obstacles in order to get his fame which he enjoys today.

From 2013 to 2016, Emreezy was all into E-sports which led to him winning numerous awards and honors. However, he knew that he had something else in him too – he kept exploring and then finally, realised his passion for social media.

Initially in 2013, he joined Facebook and started posting his content there. Later in 2016, he became a part of Instagram and shared his content there and to his surprise, the response and feedback was amazing. That’s when he realised that he belongs to the social media world.

Starting at 14 and now being 22, Emreezy has come a long way. His experience speaks for his content, credibility, and well, the fact that he has over 100k followers on Instagram. So remember, if you find a spark of passion inside of you, don’t hide it – explore it and maybe, your success can be as amazing as Emreezy’s! Also don’t forget to follow him on Instagram to stay up-to-date with his content @emreezy18.


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