I have been interested in the study of karma and astrology at least for 40 some years. You cannot separate karma from astrology. The one area that I have been interested in is the area of job versus business. If you are born with a karma only to do a job, you get a job in a government organization or you get a job in a private organization and then you probably retire. But at the time of retirement, you begin reflect on why did I spend so many years of my time just working on a job, I would have rather gotten into some business; I would have made a lot more money. So this realization comes out of many years of experience in dealing with money and career and business and then you are at a point when you are about to retire or even after retirement you begin to ask this question: I wish I had done this. My own specialty is help people to make this move. I have been teaching in the United States for the past25 years. One thing that I tell people is just quit your job and then be an entrepreneur and Americans are usually people who are risk takers. They don’t want to be just in ahead reality which is a job because what happens is generally when people look at livelihood, they say well Iet me take a job and what’s going to happen is I will retire and what’s the pension plan?. So you completely settle for a very mediocre kind of life. So if you really want to change it then you have to do things that would change the planets. Can you change the planets? Yes, you can. There are certain planets that give you this job karma, say for instance the 10th house is the job karma and it is very strong and it is going to give you only a job. But then you have to ask the question whether it Is a job or a business. What you are looking for here is only money, profit and that can come not necessarily through a job which is the 11th house and the 2nd house. So what you need to do is strengthen the 2nd house and the 11th house which are houses of finance and when you do that, then you will see that opportunities open up and when I review the success rate of my own students who have started studying with me. Most of them have been successfully be able to move from a job to an entrepreneurship model. Here of course there are certain risks and some sacrifices that we need to do. In a job situation, there is immediate money coming in and there is some security. In an entrepreneurship model there is risk, the money is not going to come immediately but then you have to have a long term vision, not a hit and run policy, hit and run policy will give you only a mediocre life. So everybody should look into the planets which are very are very powerful for them, not necessarily the 2nd house and the 11th house karma says. If planet Venus is very powerful in your horoscope and you are running the Venus Dasha, then you can get into entertainment business or a jewelry business or a textile business, all these things can happen if Venus is strong in your horoscope. So it’s possible to change your job karma and then create entrepreneurship karma. So it’s all a matter of waking up, it is never too late you can do it now although you may have spent all your life doing this job. This is the time that you can wake upand do something and plan for a long term future rather than depend on the hit and run job karma.