Most people don´t achieve their dreams in life because they live in fear. Fear ranges from shame and guilt, the lowest vibrational emotions in the consciousness spectrum, to jealousy, apathy, anger, sadness.

Transcending these lower states of consciousness and starting to take responsibility for your own happiness and well-being is the beginning of allowing joy into your life. It´s the journey from victimhood into creation, from believing you are the centre of the Universe and all happens to you, to the huge realisation that you are a creator, that life doesn´t happen to you but by you. And beyond that, the even greater realisation that you are a co-creator with the Universe, that there are mayor forces that you cannot control that, when you are aware of and surrender to them, make life FLOW through you as it was always intended to be. This FLOW is the energy of Love, Freedom and Wellbeing running through you as the life-force that you truly are.

You are a Co-creator with the Universe, that´s your Purpose. Create for the Joy of it.

Love starts with Courage. As you begin to move up in consciousness and allow joy and love to surround us, you become more courageous, venturing more and more into the mindsets of winning, success, abundance and well-being.

The journey can be as long as you wish it to be. You can make the decision now to be courageous or you can take the long route and begin a long healing process. Whatever you choose, the destination is Love and the goal is the transcendence of all forms of fear.

Living in Love is leading a life of FLOW, where allowance of all good things that you were born with, is paramount.

What will it take to allow more FLOW into your life?

Love and Service are the keys to Eternal Happiness.


  • Gema Ramirez

    Transformational Coach

    Consciousness Academy

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