Daniel Davon Wilkins is not your average entrepreneur. After launching his company Reigning Legacy with his best friend that he met 4 years earlier, Daniel quickly realized that giving people hope and a better sense of purpose is truly what he was meant to accomplish in this world. But life hasn’t always been easy on him.

Daniel grew up as an orphan who at age 11 was forced through the foster care system for more than 15 years. After growing up in and out of foster care, Daniel encountered a reoccurring theme in his life that continued to push him forward in accomplishing the goals he set out to achieve: hope. He wanted to create something that would inspire hope and motivation for the underprivileged and less fortunate. So, he decided to launch Reigning Legacy.

Reigning Legacy is a brand with two divided branches. Mainly, Reigning Legacy is a local community outreach that was established in upstate New York. Working in the inner cities and the surrounded impoverished communities, Reigning Legacy aims to provide solutions and advocacy to those in poverty. Whether it be providing assistance to individuals suffering from traumas or misfortunes or creating advocacy to the troubled youth, homeless, substance abusers or the mentally ill, Reigning Legacy provides answers to the difficulties surrounding the less fortunate.

On the other hand, Reigning Legacy also aims to provide financial literacy in the field of economics of forex and digital currency education. By teaching financial literacy in the field of marketing and investments. As CEO, Daniel is determined to help everyday people achieve their goals and enhance their lifestyles through top of the line products, services, savings and rewards.

Although Daniel has had a rough upbringing, contrary to the resentment most people might feel after growing up through hardship, he doesn’t blame anyone. Daniel believes that although sometimes in life you aren’t dealt the best deck of cards, it doesn’t mean you should give up on yourself and stop trying. Due to his upbringing, Daniel has a passion to serve others by teaching entrepreneurship through community outreach under Reigning Legacy. He is an inspiration and his story is a testament to the notion that through hard work and determination, you truly can accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.