I woke up this morning, got out of bed to get a cup of coffee, still foggy from a dream I was having…and thought to myself “wouldn’t it be fun to go out tonight?”. 

For a moment, I completely forgot about the reality of our world right now. 

There are days I am so busy working that I feel grateful to have a break from the reality of our world. On other days, I stop, reflect, and I think about why…Why is this happening? 

Is this the Universe or God’s way of putting us in a time out to think about more than just ourselves? To appreciate what is really important in life? Our health? Our loved ones? Humanity? 

My husband and I try to stay positive about our situation as we’ve lost 90% of our income. Yes, there’s fear that creeps in from time to time…however, with everything going on, and the reason for our financial situation, we know there is something happening in our world that is far greater than us… and we are going to come out of this far greater than we were before. 

There’s a reason. A good reason. And it’s all okay.

Today is Good Friday. Many people refer to this day as “God Friday”. 

Whether you are a Christian or not, the symbolism of this day is worth thinking about.

Christians believe that Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified. He suffered great pain and died on the cross as an act to forgive humanity of its sins and open the gates of Heaven. As this was a sad day, it’s also a day to remember and be grateful for the love Jesus showed his followers and for the pain he went through to save humanity from sufferingAn act of selflessness. 

Today, on Good Friday, I am grateful to see the self-sacrifices people are willing to endure to protect each other from further pain and suffering.

To help stop this pandemic we have all sacrificed and will continue to. And that’s okay. There is a greater cause here that will help heal our planet, our hearts, and our communities. Whether you are a Christian or not, Love is what this is about. I feel, Love is the meaning and purpose of our lives. Love brings us together to create Heaven right here on Earth. 

Happy Good Friday…or shall I say…”God” Friday.

Blessings and Love to You and Yours!