I sit here writing today’s article in the winter sun, in a place called Freshwater in Australia, which is only a few moments from the beach. As I enjoy my cup of coffee I find myself wondering who else understands the desire for adventure, spontaneous flight taking and the fluttering ways to live life.

If you’re reading this, I guess I’m not alone.

You see only a few years ago I seemingly had it all, according to most:

I went to university in the UK and received an incredible opportunity to complete part of my degree at an exclusive college in New York (United States).

I had the well paid corporate career where I was successfully climbing the corporate ladder in the film industry, having worked at two of the most famous movie studios in the world. Red carpet events and after parties where I would rub shoulders with the greatest film legends were a regular occurrence.

I was living in Central London in a brand new refurbished apartment in an exclusive borough.

I had the brand new sports car parked outside in pride and place.

I was wearing designer brands from head to toe, eating out at the most exquisite michelin starred restaurants and staying in the most luxurious hotels around the world.

These things, experiences and possessions are all well and good, however in that particular moment in my life I realised these were short term ‘highs’. I still woke up each morning dreading the commute, no matter how comfortable the car, not matter how status rich my job title was, no matter how much I could book a table at an exclusive restaurant the cycle was the same.

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat.

Maybe you are feeling how I was feeling.

Craving excitement, adventure, fulfillment, giggles, lay ins, visiting family members with no rushing, taking more than two weeks off, not asking for permission to hop on a plane whenever it takes our fancy.

You may also have grown up being told by people you respect, as well as society, that work isn’t meant to be fun, working all the hours god sends is the price you pay for a good salary, after all “more money = more responsibility”.

Such opinions and view points are what most believe is called “growing up”, “adulting” or being “sensible”.

If you’re asking these questions, you’re certainly not alone:

Why should growing up be boring?

Why does adulting mean you only have 2 days off to be with loved ones or spend the days how you wish?

Who says our definition of sensible has to be the same as what some old codger says?

So many of us are tired, unfulfilled and looking for another way.

So many of us are tired of being told what to think, do and how to act.

So many of us want to do something every day which makes us smile, means we can travel whenever we desire and gives us the financial equivalent of what we’re used to (and more).

So many of us are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Questioning the life you currently have, the here and now of what you’re experiencing and exploring the truth of what you’re truly seeking, is more common than you might think.

We often think something is wrong with us. Labeling it as a mid-life crisis, or because we’ve separated from x,y,z or because we we’ve been made redundant. The list of reasons why you might be feeling all the above could go on forever, the truth is, you’ve woken up.

Fast forward and I now run my own business which lights up my soul, makes me smile daily, excites me beyond measure, connects me with incredible people, has taken me to parts of the world I’d never visited before and continues to do so.

My schedule is my own, I follow the sun, I spend most of my days close to a beach and I can be as spontaneous as I wish, whenever I desire.

Why should this matter to you?

Because, if you are seeking more fulfillment in your life I know how you feel and I remind you (from my heart to yours):

Traveling the world is only a step away
Being your own boss is only a step away
Charging your worth is only a step away
Only ever working with incredible people is only a step away
Living by your own schedule is only a step away
Being loved for all that you are is only a step away
Living by the sea is only a step away
Enjoying your passion as you bask in the sunshine is only a step away
Spontaneously catching that flight simply because it fills you with excitement is only a step away
Owning the incredible woman you are is only a step away
Embracing the change you seek is only a step away
Positively impacting others is only a step away

Drastically improving the level of fulfillment in your life is down to you and the best part is, it is down to YOU and what YOU do next.

My 3 tips to live a #lifeonyourterms:

  1. Follow those that are living the life you desire on social media
  2. Find out how they are doing that (reach out to them, purchase their courses, invest in working with them)
  3. Surround yourself with others who are working towards the same goal, think like you do. Trust me, you’ll soon realise a whole new world is out there and has your name on it!


Keep doing what you’re doing and keep experiencing what you’re experiencing.

From one flutterer to another, the life you are seeking is seeking you right back.

With love, from Australia.