Wisdom Teacher

Taking a position invites opposition. Taking a stand invites possibilities.

I have no position and I am filled with existential sorrow. So deep, so profound, I cannot move, I cannot work.

I have no position and I do not even have a position about people taking a position: I understand it is easier to be angry at someone, or something, it is easier to hate, to defend or to attack. It is easier to make a judgement or a reaction. It is easier to not feel. It is easier to destroy. It is just easier to take sides. It feels so right to survive. It feels like we have no choice and it is the only thing we can do.

I have no position and I am left with the most profound despair and an abyss of desolateness.

Having no position, I can see every side, feel every pain, experience every fear. I recognize myself in the vilest gesture to the most selfless one.

I ache for humankind and its self-inflicted suffering.

I hurt from the division and separation based on the color of a skin, religion, age, wealth or gender.

I am crippled because some children do not have a good education, food or shelter.

I bleed because women get abused, men get beaten up and animals get tortured.

I grieve for love.

Maybe this is what it is to be truly alive: I stand in love with tear falling down my face, willing to have my heart torn apart by our self-inflicted torment. And then I remember that if I look, I can find the grace and the beauty of togetherness and I stand for a new culture for humanity.