Or about allowing the kitsch.

A long time in my life I wanted to be über-cool, very masculine and to be accepted by being one of the cool guys. In London, I worked as a creative director in an interactive tech start-up, then one of my life goals. 

I dealt with clients and created visions and lead amazing and fascinating teams and worked with an awesome boss. I loved and still love that company and team and the buzz around delivering projects on a tight timeline. Check them out: https://www.hirschandmann.com/. They are still so cool! 

Me, I am not so sure, I may have dropped a couple of cool points over the last year or so…

Why that?

Because there was also another a little more quiet voice, which I neglected in between the achieving and creating design projects. 

It’s a whisper which wanted to connect to my heart more fully, to serve my soul with unconditional love. To break off a little of that pretended hard shell, where nothing could bother. 

I only recently started to accept my female side. Today I am wearing a flowery dress, crazy he? My website is pink now. What really? It would have been unbelievable for my self from 5 years ago, where I am a creative director, mainly wearing black and being the coolest of the cool shit. 

Only over this last year or two, I realized that living with love, heart centred, all the cheesy stuff is actually really important to me and what I want more of in my life. Sometimes I relapse and feel a bit nervous about not being cool enough or not being accepted in this way as much, but soon realize who truly cares is anyway only myself. This is my life and this is what is most important to me.

And I am not the only one, sometimes in my classes these days, when I am truly teaching from that heart place and throwing out all the kitsch stuff, it may be the business type guy or gal, who meets me after class and is so very grateful for having had the chance to reconnect to their deeper layer too.

Do you recognize this in yourself? Have you got a deeper neglected part?