Some people dream of becoming a millionaire, but others hope for a simple life. However, there comes a time when it all changes, like how Llamido took control of his life when he started a family. His aspirations grew from just merely earning money to dedicating himself to live a decent life he will be proud of and eventually finding a greater purpose of helping others succeed. His journey to success will inspire many as he comes from humble beginnings.

Llamido began his journey waiting tables. The grind was hard, and the pay was low, but he had no choice. Coming from a low-income family, he knew exactly what it takes when the opportunity is not handed to you. For him, whatever the job was as long as it pays, he’ll jump right into it. Because of that, he would collect tips from his customers and pocket it. While it was not a good thing to do, he was desperate.  At only 21 years old, being a father was hard, but he knew there’s a reason for his hardships, so he never looked back. Instead, he persevered, strengthened his faith, and vowed to make himself better.

Although he was set to become a regular employee at the restaurant he was working at, he decided to choose another path as a medical representative. For him, it was all about going out of his comfort zone and learning new skills. As a medical representative, he found himself learning how to sell. He wasn’t very confident about himself, but the everyday interaction with people from private companies, government workers, and public officials boosted his self-confidence. Later on, he realized he wanted more for he believed that he could be more. If he could converse to sell; for sure, he could also persuade to distribute at a larger scale.

That move proved to be right, and it turned his life for the better. He became a distributor and opened a new office. He found himself at a point he never expected himself to reach, but he did. He was succeeding in his line of business, and everything is doing well. This did not last long, though. Because of his lack of experience and leadership, his business went bankrupt. He had to close the office and was left with no other choice but to start again. However, this was not enough to waver his faith. Instead, this lowest point in his life became his biggest breakthrough. He realized a lot of things and used his failures into lessons to start anew.

Llamido has gone a long way since then. He is now one of the most successful distributors in the city, employing people and helping them succeed as he did. At the end of the day, he’s still up and running because of the people.

No matter how much he failed, disappointed, and frustrated, he always found himself getting back up and kept going. For Llamido, what motivated him to do so is his belief that his story can help others soon. Indeed, his courage stirred courage in others. He did not let anything get in his way and remembered the people who were there for him when he had nothing.

He is now helping others who recently lost their jobs amid the pandemic and is a perfect example of how a journey full of challenges can become a story of resilience that will inspire others.