When you were getting married, you probably looked after every detail of your wedding from clothes, venue, food, alcohol, table linens, music, flowers, rehearsal dinner, wedding officiant, and honeymoon. If you are lucky, you hired a wedding planner. Either way, it was all about the details.

Getting unmarried is more detail oriented and emotional than tying the knot. So if hiring a wedding planner was what you did and/or being on top of all of these details was ever present during your time of mapping out your perfect, dream wedding day, it shouldn’t be a far leap for you to look into hiring a Certified Divorce Coach.

Divorce is a time of fear, overwhelm and unknowns. It is a time of heart break and broken dreams. Emotions hijack your intelligent thinking. Being caught in the “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz Cyclone” does not allow you to access your logical brain. Your lawyer is here to help you through the legal process. Your family and best friends are your cheerleaders; your support. So, how can you be sure you are making the right decisions for your future? Who is helping you call on your “problem solving skills” when you absolutely need them the most?

Overwhelm, fear and the unknown can cost you emotional and financial mistakes, which can last a lifetime. Thanks to the ABA (American Bar Association) in walks your Certified Divorce Coach; your voice of reason, your professional best friend. The ABA, in 2013, added Divorce Coaching to their list of Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes. As defined by the ABA: “Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns”. (Note: many people call themselves divorce coaches; check credentials and their training specific to divorce). Certified Divorce Coaches work together with other members of your divorce team to provide you with the best possible outcomes regarding the dissolution of your marriage.

The top reasons to work with a Certified Divorce Coach while deciding to divorce, going through the process of divorce and/or emerging from divorce are:

  1. The creation of a professional advocate and partner
    We are your advocates and your voice of reason to remind you of your strengths
    We assist, support and help you manage the challenges of the divorce process
    We are a team; you are not alone.
    We brainstorm. A certified divorce coach is your sounding board.
    We celebrate your growth and successes.
    We work together for you to get a strong team of professionals in place.
  2. The maintenance of your emotions while going through the “whirlwind”
    We prepare you for the experience, no surprises
    We create a safe and calm place while going through this tumultuous time
    We strengthen your coping skills
    We assist you so as to minimize conflict
    We help you work on many areas of self-love and self-care
  3. The ability to strengthen your organizational skills
    We guide you through the process as you sort through your documents and thoughts
    We help you make lists for your meetings with your legal team & other professionals
    We work together to clarify your wants & needs so as to avoid common mistakes
    We focus forward towards your goals in a step-by-step process designed together
  4. The improvement of your communication skills
    We work together to get past the emotions of divorce and into the business of divorce.
    We teach you how to negotiate for your needs through intentional choices & decisions.
    We work together to develop a strategy & roadmap for your divorce.
    We help you maintain your dignity and remain your “best self”

Certified Divorce Coaches prepare you step-by-step, to get you through the divorce process. While emotions run rampant, there is no place for emotions when the business of divorce requires you to think things through clearly and constantly. Once you sign on the dotted line, your divorce decree is a legal and binding document.

We work together on discovering where you are and where you want to be moving forward in all aspects of your life. We save you time and money by lowering the cost of your legal fees substantially as we work together, at a much lower fee, so you are prepared for the “business of divorce” and the next chapter of your life.

You are stronger than you think!